Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day in Cape May

We are here in the beautiful town of Cape May, NJ and just enjoying a lazy day of down time*.

This morning, we donned our running shoes and did an 8 mile loop around this little place.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me (again, we were running) but we ran along the beautiful, seemingly endless stretch of beach accompanied by the crashing surf.  This is most definitely a 'seaside' town.  The streets have names like "Ocean Boulevard" and "Beach Street" and though we are here during the 'off season' one can just imagine the streets lined with vendors and the beach bustling with water lovers of every age. The shore is lined with quaint beachy hotels with balconies and pools and the streets are lined with darling Victorian "painted lady" gingerbread-style houses in pastel-colored hues.  The town center is cobblestone-lined and crafty boutiques and surf shops are on every corner.

We don't have bikes (yet - Scott is working on that) so running is by far the most efficient way to see a new place.  We might not be running our 7.5 minute miles like we used to, but a nice jog is a great way to explore a new town.

Brittany (& Scott)

*We need to leave here when tide is flooding (as opposed to ebbing) which it was doing at 4:30am this morning.  We get up early, but not that early.  So we'll leave tomorrow when the tide floods at 6:30am, which is a much more reasonable hour...apparently if you try to fight the tide, you will lose.  So we'll just - quite literally - "go with the flow" tomorrow morning.


Last Paradise said...

Oh tides: A whole new world!

kerry mc said...

tides will rule your world. I didnt know they had 6-9ft waves on the Delaware!! yikes

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