Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Images from the ICW

While the "Dismal Swamp" route sounded very appealing* - we opted for the faster, less scenic Virginia cut of the ICW.  Not much going on but still managed to snap a few nice pictures to give you a sense of what we are seeing day to day.

Just your everyday pelican in an Industrial world.  But still, a pelican - and
where there are pelicans - there is warm weather!

Norfolk, VA - home to the largest Naval Base in the world.  Lots of things that
go "boom" on these boats!

Cruising along the ICW.  

Ticking off markers as we head South.

Beautiful Day.
So many birds of prey swooping and flying overhead.  Wonderful to watch.
Yesterday, we saw THREE bald eagles playing with each other in front of the boat.
As soon as we neared them, they retreated to their perches high up in the trees and watched us
go by.  Beautiful.


Brittany & Scott

* All sarcasm aside, the "Dismal Swamp" route is supposed to be prettier than the route we chose.  It is also supposed to be significantly slower and shallower, which is why we went the way we did.

1 comment:

Laura and Hans said...

We didn't make the decision between the Dismal Swamp or the easier Virginia Cut until we were right there! Afterwards I was glad we chose the Virginia Cut for its speed, but I too have heard that the Swamp is very pretty.
Maybe next time.

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