Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Place Where Night Ends, and Day Begins

Our alarms went off at 4:30am this morning and we were up and out by 5am.  We made it a point last night to check the oil (engine and transmission) so that we didn't have to do it this morning (one of our daily chores that takes a good 15-20 minutes when it's all said and done).  The reason for our early departure is that we are hoping to get to Belhaven, NC - a good 70 nautical miles away (a nautical mile is 1.15 statute miles for all you non-sailors).  At our speed of about 6.5 knots we should get there between 4 and 5pm - just in time to meet my mom, dad and brother Kevin for Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Very excited about this.

Here's what our morning looked like:

Where night ends, and day begins...

Glorious! The sun stretching her arms!

To any would-be cruisers out there looking for tips - sailing inland in the dark is a piece of cake IF you have a good (and I mean VERY good) spotlight.  We could not have made the twisty-turvy pass to the Albemarle Sound without one (there is a narrow channel here with 4-5 foot shoals on either side - very little room for error).  While there are plenty of markers to guide you, many are not lit and a spotlight greatly helps in finding these.

Brittany & Scott

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Alex Rooker said...

Belhaven, what a fun place. We were there in July '08. Fish Hooks was a real find. Diann had a Flounder which was a whole one fileted for $13.99. The soft shell crabs were the largest I've see. My Trawler Platter had a crab cake ( with much crab) a slab of white fish, fried oysters, fried shrimp, and fried scallops. Honestly, I could not eat it all- but I tried. This is one of only two restaurant we found at Belhaven, and one was closed due to staff not showing up.

Please let us know if you find another restauarnt to recommend.

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