Monday, November 08, 2010

Waiting for the Weather

If only I could capture the sound of the wind howling wildly all around us - if I could, you'd know why we are staying put today.  We haven't taken a walk to the beach yet, but I'll bet it's pretty nasty out there on the Atlantic.  

While it is nice to be in safe harbor, we feel like we are being taken for a ride with the costs of slips over here.  $3 per foot, per night - and extra for shore power*.  That is significantly more than we paid in NYC.  Insane.  I mean, the showers are exceptionally nice and they did bring us coffee to our boat this morning, but really? There should be room service at that price! Or at the very least a complimentary breakfast bar.  Krikey.

We could anchor out for less - but we don't have an outboard motor yet for our dinghy and, truth be told, we actually haven't tried anchoring with our new windlass (wince - sorry dad!) and didn't want our first time to be in 40 knot gusts.  Call us crazy.

Either way.  We are staying.  We will leave either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on the weather.

On the plus side it is supposed to be in the 60's this week.  We'll take it!

Too bad I cannot capture the wind in the photo. It is honking out here!

Brittany (& Scott)

*We are at Hoffman's Marina, on the fuel dock in case any of you cruisers are wondering.  FYI - Finding a marina along this coast at this time of year is like pulling teeth from a rabid dog.  I called probably 25, only spoke to 3, and left messages at several others (none of which have called me back).  One marina, Robinson's I believe, was a real gem.  When I called and asked if they had room for us, the lovely receptionist simply snapped "NO" with no further explanation.  When I asked (very nicely, I might add) if she had any other suggestions for places that might be able to accomodate us she snapped back again with an all too eager, "NO".  I'm sure she makes some man very happy.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

LOL! Maybe she doesn't have a man, and that's her problem. =)

Allen Tyson said...

Hey you two:- For that A/H person you run into through life you'll find 9 nice people ready to help you guys.It makes you appreciate your partner even more.Those prices sound steep for end of season?Ask for end of season discount? Always ,Mr AJ

alex rooker said...

Your marina experiences are just the kind of info we'd love to have to relate for other folks to know. If you find the time to do a report on Hoffman's it can be a seed for you as you travel further down the line.

Separate note, be sure to learn of "the rocks" in the ICW near Barefoot landing at Myrtle Beach. The mile or so run will require vigilance as a "lift" from a passing boat can put you up onto the submerged edge of the "cut".


Anonymous said...

transient fees usually run that much in Connecticut; I didn't know that New Jersey was part of the Gold Coast!

Sue Ellen said...

That was some expensive coffee!

Brenda and David said...

Ouch! I start hyperventilating when we have to spend a dollar a foot which is the going rate on the West Coast and what everyone else (but me) thinks is reasonable, I guess. There is a reason we anchor all the time and rarely use marinas or yacht clubs...we're cheap.

On our boat, the howling in the rigging starts around 30 knots and starts singing like a banshee around 40 knots. Above 35 knots, it always reminds me of the sound effects of a TV sit-com where the cast are stuck somewhere in a winter storm. That "over the top" howling must have been recorded on our boat in a gale and then syndicated for broadcast TV.

Good luck getting on with your travels. :)

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