Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Life is Good...

...when you can go surfing in December.

Yes.  This is definitely proof positive that we are doing something right.
Go Scott, Go!  (Yes, he did get up...just hard to capture with my little camera on 14x zoom)
We were planning on leaving Charleston early this morning, but after meeting up with fellow cruiser/bloggers - Lara and Brian of Forest and Fin and learning of the weather system that we were not quite out of - we decided to stay.  Lara and Brian are awesome.  We met, gelled instantly and became fast friends.  They are on the same "route" as we are ("route" being a very loose term meaning "South") and are actually from Charleston so they took us all around to the hotspots.  One such hotspot is a little town called Folly Beach (shout out to Pat for letting us hijack use his car!!) where Brian and Scott got their surf on while Lara and I chilled on the beach snapping photos.  Folly Beach is the kind of place I could get used to; surf shops, laid back vibe, people walking around in flip flops, dogs welcome everywhere...your quintessential surf town.  I'm learning I like surf towns.  A lot, actually.

Anyway, we have had a fabulous time here in Charleston (what a wonderful city - so quaint, a hint of Euro, beautiful, laid back...and the food, oh the food!) but now it's time to move on!  It's funny how used to this gypsy life we've become - staying in a place much more than two days feels odd, like we're getting too comfortable and need a new horizon.  So tomorrow at 5am, we're shoving off to find one!

Brittany & Scott


Alex Rooker said...

Your next stop may be Beaufort SC.
Best food opportunity we have found there is
906 Port Republic Street
Beaufort, SC 29902-5553
(843) 522-1866

Wonderful Tapas styled food. Think "share". Wide range of flavors and foods. Easy walk from the town docks. By the way, washer dryer facility close by, too. When last there the marina had a loaner car for visit to area stores.

Windtraveler said...

Thanks Alex, if we have time we'll check it out! We have family in Hilton Head that we are seeing and they might meet us in Beaufort for perhaps we'll go there!

Anonymous said...

are the couple you met up with in NY still sailing with you? Or did they move on....

Windtraveler said...

@ Anonymous - they are a ways behind us now - they travel a bit slower than we do and are outfitting the boat as they go so they need to make longer stops...we talk to them daily though and we're hoping to meet up in Florida or the Bahamas....they're doing great though!

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