Saturday, February 26, 2011

Impromptu Slumber Parties

Lots and lots of power in this Ocean!
As former "Great Lakes" sailors, the world of tides and currents has been foreign to us.  We are beginning to get the hang of it - but every now and then we are caught by surprise.  Like last night.

Brian and Lara of s/v Illusion came over for dinner, as per usual.  Because we all had originally planned to make the long haul to Georgetown the other day (from Staniel Cay) they put their dinghy and (very heavy) eight horse power motor on the boat for the offshore passage.  Plans changed (shocker!) and we are now cruising a little slower due to the wind direction blowing from exactly where we want to go (again, shocker!).

Our dinghy is easier to launch, but our lil' motor has been Scott rowed over to pick them up, a gesture for which they were very grateful.

We had a lovely dinner enjoying the peace and calm of this quiet and secluded anchorage with some great conversation and slightly less potent sangria.  And then it was time to go night-night.

Scott got in the dinghy and immediately said, "hmmm....quite a current in here....".  Regardless, they all jumped in - loaded their things and were about to shove off when I said, "How about I hold the tow-line to make sure you can row into this current".

Thank god I did, because if I had not - Lara, Scott and Brian would be camped out on a beach somewhere north of here subsisting on leftover pasta and bread, awaiting rescue.  I am not kidding.

The whole "rowing" thing was not going to work.  So we checked the tides and saw that it wasn't going to turn until the following morning.  Oops.

Slumber party!

Like the troopers they are - Lara and Brian just cuddled up in the aft cabin to sleep it out and wait until the morning.  Sometimes you just have to let nature win.  There is just no use fighting it.

Something tells me that Brian and Lara will be launching their dinghy from now on.  Eight horses is a lot of power...

Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Adapting to change seems to be a requirement of cruising. Glad you didn't have to go searching for your hubby and friends!

Dan N Jaye said...

This story totally cracks me up ... and is totally familiar. When we first reached Allen's Cay, I jumped into the refreshingly clear water as soon as the hook was set for my first swim in the Bahamas - glorious. Dan, meanwhile, had some stuff he wanted to do and said he'd take his dip in an hour or so. Well, by pure luck, we'd anchored at slack tide, so my swim was lovely. Can you guess the rest? Suffice it to say, it took Dan about 15 minutes to swim a boat length ...

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