Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Farmers Yacht Club

Inside the cave.  It is truly impressive.
We really enjoyed our stay here.  This island feels so remote that time seems to stand still.  The moorings the yacht club offers are affordable ($20 a night)* - and include shore showers (our last had been in Nassau!... tmi?) and also included free wifi.  In addition, the owners son, Julian, and his wife Daryl are wonderfully hospitable.  When they heard we wanted to explore a nearby cave on Great Guana Cay, they took one look at us, one look at our respective rowing dingy - and offered to take us on their boat.  What a treat.  Brian, Lara, Scott and I piled into Julian's island hopper and flew off along the Exuma Bank.  It was so completely exhilarating to feel that boat open up along the flat, clear water.  None of us had moved that fast in months and Lara said it best when she said it felt like we were on a roller coaster.  Water whizzing by, wind in our hair, gliding along effortlessly with perma-grins on our faces...

If you are in Little Farmers, look for Julian and his wife.  Afterwards, head over to Ali's Bar (any local can tell you where it is) for a cold Kalik and some dominios.  It's just a little shack no bigger than a one-car garage that you would otherwise miss, but don't!  You are sure to run into the islands most colorful of characters in this little place and Ali himself is a total riot.
Ali behind the bar - playing a lively game of Dominos.  Lots of table-smacking!

Brittany & Scott

*One heck of a current rips through where the yacht club is (as you may have learned from my last post) - so if you don't take a mooring - they recommend anchoring on the eastern side where there is better holding.

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Albert said...

A wonderful post and great information for future cruisers. It must be great to be with so many people that just want to help out others............Al

clubtrax said...

'so completely exhilarating to feel that boat open up along the flat, clear water.'....Your brother Kev will love that!!! He loves power boats!!

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