Monday, February 14, 2011

Young Cruisers

Our good friends, Lara and Brian of s/v Illusion

We had heard that we, as "young" cruisers, were in the minority.  People warned us that 90% of people who are doing what we are doing are doing so in retirement.  I do believe this to be true, however, we seem to be surrounded by cruisers not in retirement.  It seems everywhere we go we are met with the smiling faces of cruisers around our age (31 and 34).  This has been a very pleasant surprise.

Right now, as I write, we are in the company of two other boats with cruisers around our age - and when we get to the Exumas, we have arranged to meet up with two more boats of young'ns.  Perhaps it's because we all some how attract each other?  Perhaps because we are all very "like minded" we are drawn to the same anchorages?  Perhaps it's dumb luck?  Perhaps it's woven into all of our destinies?  Whatever the case - it is a lot of fun to be cruising with some folks our age.  Not to say we don't enjoy the older cruising folk either - because we do!  Many have become dear friends and mentors - but there is something nice about being surrounded by your peers.

I think our generation is a very unique one.  (Some of us) have learned that life is not about stockpiling away riches for the future, working one job in misery for twenty years only to look back and wish you had done something more...We want to live simple, healthy lives; see the world; and connect in a way that only our generation has been able to do.  Sure, we might be spoiled (comparatively).  Sure, we might like instant gratification.  Sure, we might not have any substancial retirement funding...but either will a lot of good people who did things "right" thanks to some greedy folks on Wall Street.

Life is too short.  Although I am only 31 I know this.  I can feel it everyday.  From what I hear, it just keeps getting faster and faster.  I just re-read Steven Callahan's book "Adrift" about his miraculous 76-day survival at sea and I think he says it best when he says, "...we cannot control our destinies, but we can help to shape them; we must try to make life hop a bit, but we must also accept that we can only do the best that we can."  Seems like there are a lot of people out there, young and old, shaking a leg, and making life "hop" to the best of their ability.

PS.  Happy Valentines Day!


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

We're a little older at 44, and we forget we're not in our 30's! Good to hear that there's a lot of people out there enjoying life and not putting the cruising dream off until retirement. Who knows if we'll be around in our 60's (although we sure hope so). Good point too regarding those that did "the right thing" only to lose it all. Enjoy and can't wait to join you the end of next year!

Rachel said...

Hello young cruisers!
Lee and I were as surprised as you were to find so many people our age wandering around down here. You're right - sailors of our generation are out to experience as much as possible while we're young.
It's was great to meet you and we're looking forward to seeing you in the Exumas!

SailFarLiveFree said...

We've also heard it was mostly an older crowd out cruising, so it's good to hear fellow youngsters are out too. But our real concern is that we've there aren't many cruising boats out with kids. I know it's not a concern for the crew of Rasmus yet, give us updates on the kid boat counts as you progress.

Sara Johnson said...

It's good to know there are other young cruisers out there! Our family of four is leaving this summer, sailing from the NW to Mexico (we are 35, 36, 5 & 2). My husband and I also cruised Mexico for a year in our 20s. We were pleased to find other young free spirited travellers and are looking forward to meeting more this time.

I love your blog, by the way, it makes me smile. :-) Hope to meet you out there one day!

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