Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Summer Camp for Cruisers?!

This is only ONE side of the harbor!
Over 3000 nautical miles traveled and we have made it (almost) to the bottom of the Exumas Island chain otherwise known as George Town. Touted as a "summer camp for cruisers" we are not entirely sure what to make of this place. There are, literally, hundreds of boats here. It is a virtual city of cruisers and at night, all the mast head lights combine to make a sort of skyline. It's insane. Contrary to what I thought prior to leaving on this trip, I am finding that I prefer the more secluded, more private, more local establishments. I like waking up in an anchorage and only seeing our group of favorite place thus far was the remote, uninhabited little island of Shroud Cay, where only us and our friends were for days.

All you need to do is tune in to the "net" at 8:10 am and you get the scoop; organized sports on the beach, religious sermons, various lessons from yoga to Spanish, parties (well, lets face it - I do love a good party), even a dog parade (yes, there was actually a dog parade today) - all lead by cruisers, for cruisers. The "day camp" moniker - though I thought would be an exaggeration - seems to be spot on. There are cruisers who spend the entire season here which leads to the other nickname: Chicken Harbor. Apparently boats like us pile up down here  - and while some have great expectations to cruise to far off places - many just stay put, afraid to leave the relative ease, familiarity and comfort of the Bahamas. We will be here for at least a few days to weather out a front that is pushing through, but we are eager to make our way further south next week.

Something tells me we'll enjoy George Town for a spell and maybe just maybe we'll take part in a game of cruiser's volley ball, but it might be just the push we need to move on.


Brittany & Scott


Brett said...

Not sure if I would like Georgetown either. I want to go cruising to get away from it all, and experience other cultures. Georgetown sounds like Paris and London in the summer, ie lots of Americans just in another country. I'm sure I check it out, and it may surprise me, but already I think I may not like it.

John said...

Would love to see a photo of Chicken Harbor.

Chad Gleason said...

I enjoy reading about the places you go. I miss the blue water, white sand and fresh Mahi you will be catching soon.

Don't miss the blue hole on Long island. Its worth renting a car to see the island.

I also thought the anchorage on the South East side of Conception was one of the prettiest (some surge) in the Bahamas.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like a blast ... but only for so long. The yoga classes, volleyball and parties get my attention! Something tells me you and Scott would kick butt in volleyball. I've also heard that the Blue Hole is not to be missed.

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