Thursday, May 19, 2011

Killing Two Birds With One Island

We are in Sint Maarten.  Or, Saint Martin if you are French.  That's right - there are actually two countries on this one island - the south belongs to the Netherlands, the north to France.  This morning, we had breakfast in the Netherlands - and then decided to enjoy some French cuisine for lunch.  We are staying on the Dutch side, but I've got to tell you - I keep feeling lured to the French side.  The wine, the cheese, the bread.  It's magnificent.  A perfect meal to me is a fresh baguette with a hunk of the smelliest cheese you can find inside, topped with a slice of tomato enjoyed in some piazza or park somewhere with a bottle of wine.  Anyone know anything about French wines who can suggest decent, cheap brands to try? The cheese I have down pat, but I've been addicted to Chilean and New Zealand wines in the past and have no clue when it comes to French wine.  Thanks!

Brittany & Scott


Philippe said...

Hi Brittany, not sure if they will have it in St. Martin, but since even Trader Joe's sometimes carry it, there is hope: La Ferme Julien, Cote du Ventoux (either their pink, red or white depending your preferencse). It's a value wine (~$5 at TJ) that is still quite (very IMO) good. I enjoy it when I am visiting family in France.

As far as the "smelliest: cheese, ask for an "Epoisse" :). Very smelly!

Unfortunately, all of this might not be cheap after export to St. Martin.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Don't know much about wines ... I just drink it! Wines, breads and cheeses on a tropical island ... sounds like heaven!

Anonymous said...

The Bordeaux region produces some of the best grapes IMHO. Any of the reds that I've tried from that area have been great. I couldn't really narrow it down because they've all been uniquely excellent.

I agree on the baguette, but I'm more of a semi-soft/medium cheese fan. :)

Still loving the blog.

Paul from NWOnt.

TT said...

There are too many glorious wines from France and it's really up to your taste which ones you'd enjoy the best.

Start for example by selecting something from Bordeaux, that's where many good cheap wines are produced, as much as the most exclusive. It could have a name involving the word "Chateaux" and from there you'll be able to find plenty of interesting wines. Good luck.

I got some good French wine onboard for you to try when we meet.



Journal said...

Minervois is a wine region in France that pumps out great wine at an excellent price point, usually around 11 bucks here at Binny's. Cotes du Rhone (especially Villages) are wonderful Grenache based wines at a great price as well. If you like the bubbles find a Vovray (Loire) or a Cremant du Borgogne. These can range it the $10-12+ and are great with oysters and French bread.

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