Monday, August 08, 2011


The fact that we are off sailing this week means (sadly) that we are missing Carnival - pretty much the biggest party in the Caribbean.  While this makes us sad, sometimes life is about choices and if our choices are to either participate in Carnival or bask in the sun aboard a free cruise on a tall ship; well, I'd say we're doing okay.  To be honest, Scott and I have slowed our pace a bit since returning from the States and heading back out to sea is exactly what we need and want right now.

Despite being gone for the bulk of the action - we have managed to bear witness to a few events.  One was this party that was going on at a little bar called Garfield's on Grand Anse beach, check out the incredible drumming that was going on.  You all remember how much I love drumming, right?

Brittany & Scott


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