Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simple Solutions

One of the greatest aspects of living on a boat is the fact that you are forced to become incredibly resourceful.  You find uses for items that, on land, you'd never think twice about.  An old coconut shell?  Cut it in half and it becomes a great little serving bowl.  A canvas bimini doubles as a rain collector, an old  length of PVC becomes an outboard tiller extension, empty spice jars become great storage units for nuts, bolts and screws.  There are literally thousands of little tips and tricks that make life a little easier, a little more green.  We like green.

When we saw this little trick on our friend's boat - we just had to share it!  It's nothing more than a drilled out wine cork (and god knows we have enough of those!) with a piece of line through it and voila! you have a floating key chain!  I find brilliance in such simplicity.

What creative uses for everyday items have you seen on board?

Brittany & Scott


Deb said...

Push one of those eyeglasses holders through the drilled hole in the cork, center it in the back, and then when you drop your glasses in the water they float.

S/V Kintala

Lisa Hanneman said...

How obvious, yet not!

Reusing is something us land dwellers can all stand to do as well. Thanks for the reminder!

Jaye Lunsford said...

Love Deb's solution!

If the wind catches us wrong (usually coming in the companionway, on our boat) it can unroll an entire roll o paper towels. Hang a weight on a string so it drapes over paper towel roll, and the wind will no longer be able to unroll it. (Sorry, this one's easier to understand in a picture)

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