Saturday, August 20, 2011


"To see things in the seed, that is genius."
- Lao Tzu

Before we left on this journey, one of my very best friends, Lina, gave me a sprouting kit (yes, I realize that was about a year ago - these things take time!).  Knowing that we didn't have a refrigerator or a way to keep greens and veggies fresh for extended periods of time, she figured sprouting my very own produce would be the next best thing.  Sprouts, in fact, are considered a superfood.   Packed with tons of vitamins and all the essential amino acids (among a litany of other things) - these little babies pack a punch and are a great addition to any diet.  Aside from the health benefits, the fixings to begin sprouting are dirt cheap, they require very little attention and are rumored to be easy to grow.  Seen as how I a) am not a cook and b) lack the illustrious green thumb we'll see how "easy" these are.  But I am determined and have my first batch soaking right now.

Interested in sproutin' with me?  Here's a link on how to sprout your own goodies if you feel so inclined.  Supplies needed:  A mason jar (or as many jars as you want to fill), sprouting seeds (like mung, lentil or alfalfa), cheese cloth and water.  It's that simple.

Now let's get germinating!  Stay tuned...

Brittany & Scott


Travis and Maggie said...

oooh thanks for the link!

PaleMoonDove said...

I have a friend who actually cooks yummy well who says, "I don't cook, I just heat things up".

You say no

Remember...if you can get fresh veggies and you have mason can make your own provisions that do not need refrigeration. Water and salt is all you need...unless southern then a lil fat back or seasoning meat in the cooking process!!! Or sometimes red pepper flakes to spice it up.

CHeck online for provisioning.(it isn't is just heating it up and putting in jars for later heating up and eating)

Smiles...Doll (&Capt'n too)

Dominick said...

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