Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sticky Fingers Scones!

You don't get over hating to cook, any more than you get over having big feet.
- A woman after my own heart, Peg Bracken
A lot of you wonder what we eat day to day (especially since we have no refrigeration).  I have been pretty transparent about the fact that I really don't like to cook and my "repertoire" of recipes is actually quite laughable.  In fact, there *might* have been times when I convinced Scott that popcorn is a great dinner (high in fiber!) or that eating a can of green beans with some balsamic vinegar and oil is "filling".  The poor boy is so brainwashed by my "cooking" that he gets really excited when I change things up and sprinkle coconut on his daily half bagel with peanut butter for breakfast.  I know.  This has got to change.

However - I have managed to find a few items to kick up our menu a notch.  Sticky Fingers Scones are one such item.  Before you get too excited and start calling me Julia Child*, you should know this mix is of the "just add water" variety (my favorite kind!) and super easy.  Add 3/4 cups of water, cook for 15 minutes and voila!  Fresh scones that taste heavenly accompanied with some butter and a cup of tea. I make these in muffin tins for simplicity's sake and they are a favorite aboard Rasmus and make the boat smell delicious to boot!

Mmmmhhhhmmmmm...can you smell them?
They're not gourmet, but they are easy and good.  And I like easy and good!

* I just learned that Julia started cooking at 32...perhaps there is hope for me yet?

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Love the quote up top about never getting over hating cooking! I hate to cook and I try to convince Ken that my one pot is a meal, but he's not easily convinced! =) Hey, if you can get away with it, why change it!

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