Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top 10 Tuesdays: What do we do to Keep Busy?

Learning an instrument is a great way to pass the time.
People often ask us how we while away the hours living on a small boat...

Truth be told, Scott and I are pretty active people by nature and rarely find ourselves twiddling our thumbs wondering "what to do?".  When we are not busy maintaining the boat or fixing things (which, trust me, is a never-ending story) there are a plethora of ways we tick off hours on the clock.  Here are the

Top 10 Ways we Spend our Free Time: 
  1. Reading.  I love to read.  From "chick lit" to Twain, I'll read it all!  It's not unusual for me to read an entire book a day.  Scott reads quite a bit as well, he just usually cannot do it for five hours on end and usually ends up tinkering with another project or perfecting some system on our boat in between reading stints.
  2. Writing.  Obviously I write, a lot.  Not only do I write for this blog - but I write other articles and missives as well that are not seen here.  It's a rare day that goes by without me spending at least a couple of hours in front of the computer, writing away.
  3. Music.  Scott bought a ukelele before we left.  Luckily for him, he was blessed with musical talent and while he doesn't "play" the uke, all it takes is an hour of practice and he can usually bang out a song.  I love listening to it and, who knows, maybe one day we'll be the next Partridge family (not).
  4. Exercise.  Now that we are in one place and not moving every other day, it's easier to get into a routine.  I run about an hour a day with a friend and have a wonderful loop that takes us up some pretty gnarly hills.  I've run for exercise since I was a young girl so it's not really a chore to me - but a way to invigorate my body and mind (and good for baby too!).
  5. Movies.  We love movies and have a whole slew of them.  On rainy days or lazy evenings we have found movies to be a great way to spend time.  With modern technology movies are easily rented online and cruisers share movies amongst one another so there's always something new to watch (even though it might be a bit outdated!).
  6. Games.  We don't really play games that much, but we have a few aboard and they are a great way to spend an hour or two while still spending "together" time.  Scott's favorite is Bananagrams; it's great for two (but can be played by more), it's small and requires very little 'set up', and he wins just about every time (which, truth be told, is probably why we don't play as much because I am fiercely competitive and hate losing.  Every. Single. Time).  
  7. Editing videos.  Many of you have noticed a new hobby of mine, making videos!  I love it.  Soon I will hopefully be the proud owner of a new HD video camera so they'll get better and better, but this is a great way to pass the time while creating something cool.  I have spent MANY hours editing my movies and putting them together.  I love it.  I also just got some cool photo editing software so I imagine that will also keep my creative juices flowing!
  8. Exploring.  There is nothing I love more than a trip to the market or a dinghy trip or a hike to somewhere new.  We usually make a day of an excursion by walking as much as possible and stopping somewhere local to eat.  We talk with locals, I take lots of pictures, we buy produce and - in general - exploring somewhere new is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.  I could explore the streets of St. George's all day long I think.  
  9. Beach time.  We are so lucky to have a beautiful beach just a short dinghy ride away from where we are.  Scott and I have begun a new tradition of heading to the beach for fruit smoothies every Saturday when he is off work and we love it.  We can't wait till the day when we can bring a big umbrella and our little sea monkey with us.  God help us, this baby is going to LOVE the beach and the water.
  10. Socializing with friends.  There's a LOT going on among the cruisers down here!  Not a week goes by where there isn't some sort of organized party or get-together.  From holiday celebrations to happy hours to pig roasts, cruiser's know how to get it done!  Aside from these larger gatherings, we also have a lot of friends we like to spend time with.  We're never alone for long!
Needless to say, we keep pretty busy around here!

Brittany & Scott

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