Friday, November 18, 2011

Fishing vs. Catching

He who loves fishing more than my brother is a rare man, sorry Kevy!
I guess they don't call it 'catching' for a reason...
Despite high spirits and slightly inflated expectations (my brother was hoping to join the "Grander" club by catching a 1,000lb marlin), we went out on a professional fishing boat yesterday for eight (count that, eight) hours and have nothing to show for it besides slightly better tans and a distinct diesel odor in our clothes.  We were very unlucky. We had seven lines out the entire time and used every type of lure from Ballyhoos to Squids to Skirts and got...nothin'.  I've personally seen this fishing boat bring in a 600 lb marlin (and he has caught and released a bunch of others), hundreds of mahi mahi, loads of wahoo and more.  The fish just weren't biting on this day.  Was it due to a cold front that blew through?  Did it have to do with the current?  Was it the recent wind shift?  Or did we break some unspoken fishing code that exists out there in the Universe and curse ourselves (there *was* talk of the "black cloud" that has been following my brother this year in his fishing exploits)? We'll never know.

We did get two hits from sailfish though, which offered a little excitement to the day. Someone said it best when they described the sport of fishing as "Bobbing around on the water bored stiff for hours on end when all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose."

Despite the lack of 'action', we had a great day on the water with some great folks.  Like they say, a bad day on the water still beats a good day at the office!  Despite this, Scott and I will stick to sailing, that is for sure!


Robert Salnick said...

I completely understand, and I commiserate.

Fish don't fear me either.

s/v Eolian

Anonymous said...

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