Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year, Every Day

Time has no divisions to mark its 
passage, there is never a thunder-storm 
or blare of trumpets to announce the 
beginning of a new month or year. Even 
when a new century begins it is only we 
mortals who ring bells and fire off 
 ~Thomas Mann

I  cannot believe it is New Years Eve, I only just got used to writing 2011 and lo and behold, 2012 is coming full speed ahead.  Crazy.

I'm not a big "New Years" person.  To me, life is about forging ahead towards goals, dreams, and aspirations every day of every year.  A new year is just that - a new year (and a time for me to spend three to six months trying to remember exactly what year it is).  It doesn't feel any different to me, I don't feel the need to mark it with a special occasion and I'm probably more inclined to spend New Years Eve with a few close friends or family than at a club or a bar (yes, even back in my "party" days).  I've never been huge into "resolutions", I don't think much of "putting another year behind" me, I've never said anything like "this year is going to be different" or "this next year is going to be my year" and the process of my own evolution is something I strive for throughout the year.  If I feel I need to practice my patience - I don't need a resolution to do it.  If I feel I need to work on being more tolerant - I'll start right then and there.  It's a never-ending, constant process for me.  As the writer Anais Nin once said, "I made no resolutions for the New Year.  The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning, and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me." I'm with her.

I know many think very differently than I do, and that is fine.  I think it's great that so many people use the New Year as a benchmark for where they are in life and where they want to be in the next year.  I fully support my friends and family who blaze into a New Year full of resolutions and intentions.  I have had my fair share of fun at black tie New Years balls and, truth be told, I do like my bubbly.  I'm just saying that I don't use New Years specifically as a time to reflect and make changes or goals.  To me, every day is the beginning of a new year.  Every day is a chance to wake up and make your life amazing or work toward a particular goal.  Every day is a day to be grateful for.

That said, a new year is upon us and of course I am aware that this year in particular will yield many, many wonderful changes; not the least of which will be a tiny, magical little person who was created by none other than us.  We cannot wait and think that our lives are not only going to change completely for the better, but that the greatest adventure of our life is about to begin.  We have a lot to be thankful for, and believe me - we thank the Universe every day.

I got an email today from "Uncle Al" and it brought a big smile to my face and made me think.  I'm sure he won't mind that I quote him directly:

Without trying to get all gooey, as someone who is nearing the twilight of their life, your thoughts, quotes, and observations are instructive and/or create a longing for what could have been.

To us oldsters, they tell us to stop living according to our ordinary usual day worries, but to recognize the inevitable, and thus, to "live like you were dying" to quote Tim McGraw. To the young people out there, to not compromise too soon, but to grab your dreams and go with it, whether it be your life long passion, whether that is financially lucrative or not, and to go forth and explore the world in any number of ways.

The sentiment that Al echoed made me happy, and drove home the point I'm trying to make.  Though I don't have any "resolutions" set - I do hope with all my heart my life continues on the trajectory I have set it.  I hope that I continue to live like I was dying, this year and every year after.  And I hope the same for you, too.

Happy New Year.


Sharon Fellows Larrison Stepniewski said...

Powerful message today in this blog and very well said by both you and by Uncle Al. Living everyday like it would be your last is a powerfull way to make the most out of life, keep priorities straight and relationships close. I was nearly killed at age 19 and it definitely changed the way I look at the world and my life every day since. As the old saying goes, "I only want to regret the things I've DONE, not the things I have NOT DONE."
Well said, my friend, and a very Happy, Special New Year to you and Scott! Sharon aboard Finally Fun

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Great post, and we look forward to your new baby girl in 2012! We know a man in his 80's that started crying when we told him of our cruising plans .. turned out he had the same dream but never even bought the boat! He said to "go for it" and "don't wait" because before you know it .. it's too late! So, we're really hoping to make big strides in 2012 towards becoming liveaboards. Your blog really inspires us .. Happy 2012!

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