Monday, January 02, 2012

Back to Sea with Island Windjammers!

At 5am this morning, we set sail on the beautiful lady Diamant bound for the Grenadines.  Since Scott and I have spent so much time apart while he's been working for Island Windjammers these past five weeks his wonderful boss, Liz, invited me along on this next trip.  Of course I said "yes" as not only will I get to spend the whole week with Scott (despite the fact that he'll be very busy being Captain and all) but I also get to head out to sea again, which is pretty much the most freeing feeling in the world.  You might recall we did this trip before and had a blast, so signing on again was pretty much a no-brainer.  There is nothing quite like heading out on a new journey on a ship.  Nothing.

I can't really explain it - to use an existing quote; "it's not like life on land is bad, it's just life at sea is better".  And the funny thing is - you don't fully realize it until you are sailing out of the harbor.  I love living on our boat down here despite the fact that we aren't moving much - but when we cast off the dock lines and head somewhere new, it feels amazing.  Remember that excited feeling in your tummy you got on Christmas Eve when you were a little kid who believed in Santa? A little bit of nerves combined with anticipation and a crazy excitement that made sleep impossible?  It's like that.   All the worries, issues, or troubles from land just melt away and you find yourself just breathing in the salty sea air and relaxing instantly.  The world becomes your oyster.  You are free.

I have pre-written some blogs to drop while I am away, but if you want some real-time photos and live action - be sure to check in on our Facebook Page which we'll be updating daily.  You can also check our location, real-time, by checking in with our SPOT tracker page.

Brittany & Scott


tillerman said...

Have a great time. My wife and I sailed the Grenadines a couple of times on Mandalay with the ill-fated Windjammer Barefoot cruise line. We are sorely tempted to sign up for a trip on Diamant soon said...

Just found your blog through Tillerman of It's beautiful! I'm just beginning on a sailing/blogging adventure of my own...about to start a 3 month stint aboard a tall-ship in Tasmania, and hoping to launch into the Pacific from there. Your blog is a great inspiration as I'm hoping to eventually use mine to "support my habit" as well. I'll be checking back often...have fun on your trip! Cheers, Stephanie

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