Monday, January 23, 2012

The Aquarium Restaurant in Grenada

When Scott and I first got to Grenada, oh - I don't know - a million years ago...we heard about the infamous "Sunday's at The Aquarium".  We went once when my mom came to visit - but because of timing, we couldn't make it on a Sunday and instead went on a week night.  We had said we wanted to try out this whole "Sunday" thing but hadn't quite gotten around to it because a) Scott and I aren't really 'foodies' (has anyone noticed that all we've eaten for the past two months is soup?) b) it's a little pricey and c) why spend money on really good food when you can eat home-made soup? (...In case you didn't pick it up that is sarcasm, the lowest form of wit). 

Well, lucky for us my brother Kevin and his lovely wife, Stephanie, got us a pretty incredible Christmas present in the form of a very generous gift certificate to this fine restaurant.  Stephanie is good like that - she does her homework and finds super cool gifts that impress - like gift certificates to happening restaurants... 5,000 miles away.  We were very excited.

Because we'll be leaving Grenada very soon (more on that later), Scott mentioned we should see what the Sunday BBQ was all about while we still could.  Boy are we glad we did!  The Aquarium is a great restaurant on any evening, but Sunday is the day to go.  The vibe and menu are completely different and being that the BBQ is (for most) a daytime event, you can really enjoy the beach-side, laid back ambience they create.  The sound of waves crashing into shore blend with live reggae as customers sip their colorful rum cocktails, dig into their juicy barbecue and gaze out into the horizon.  Scott and I spent over two hours slowly grazing through our delicious meals of salads from the extensive salad bar, grilled fresh Caribbean lobster and a to-die-for coconut cream cake.  Scott even topped off his meal with a creamy Irish coffee.  Bon appetite, indeed!

If you ever find yourself in Grenada over a weekend - the Sunday BBQ at The Aquarium is not to be missed.  Though it is available from noon until 10pm,  I'd suggest going earlier so you can really enjoy the peaceful, beautiful surroundings in daylight (it gets dark around 6pm here).  Expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $65 a person depending on what you order and make sure you have plenty of time, as this will be a meal to savor!

Special thanks go to Kevin and Stephanie for a WONDERFUL day!  We love you guys!

Brittany & Scott


SailFarLiveFree said...

Sounds like an awesome "send off" meal from Grenada. Can't wait to read about where you're headed next.

Zoya said...

I am always fond of Aquarium Restaurant and these is something really fascinating.Thanks for sharing it.

Unknown said...

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