Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Things We'll Miss about Grenada

Grenada has become something of a second home to us...considering we have been here since June, we have really grown accustomed to this life and now that our time here is coming to an end I've been reflecting on what I will miss about this place.  It's hard to believe how fast time flies - I mean, it feels like only yesterday we arrived here and yet, we've been here long enough to grow an (almost) full-term baby.  Insane.  So, here are the

Top 10 Things We'll Miss about Grenada

  1. The market.  I love going to the market and shopping for produce and visiting with my favorite market mamas, Theresa and Shirley.  The noises, the colors, the smells, and the energy that is the Caribbean market will be something I miss.   Somehow, going to grocery store stateside doesn't quite cut it.
  2. Port Louis Marina.  This is home to us.  While we had no idea when we first got here that we would still be here, we are.  We love it here and the marina staff have become friends of ours and take very good care of us - we're going to miss this beautiful (oh-so accommodating) place and will look forward to coming back and visiting next season.
  3. Grand Anse Beach.  The Grand Anse Beach is beautiful - probably one of the prettiest in the Caribbean if you ask me.  We love it and try to make it over for an afternoon at least once a week.  Many a wonderful meal has been spent beach-side at Umbrella's Beach Bar and I'll miss taking dips in the crystal blue water of this idyllic spot.
  4. Walking everywhere.  Not having a car makes it easy to use your legs as your main mode of transport.  I love taking walks and I probably walk at least three miles a day just running errands and getting to and fro places.  Strolling down the familiar Caribbean streets with nothing but my thoughts and my camera to keep me company will be something I miss.
  5. Waking up to the sun coming through the hatches.  There's nothing quite like waking up lazily on a boat with the sun in your face and the breeze blowing through the hatches.  I can't really explain it, but some things really are better experienced on a boat - and waking up is one of them!
  6. Our friends and the people here.  The people in Grenada are, hands down, the best.  Some of the friendliest and kindest we've met in the Caribbean Island chain.  We've gotten to know quite a few people here and are lucky enough to call them our friends.  From the guys that work with Scott on Diamant (Island Windjammers is also based here at the marina) to other locals that we have befriended, it's going to be tough to say goodbye!  Luckily though, it's not "goodbye" but "see you later" for us.
  7. My daily run route.  I LOVE my daily run route here.  The hills, the ocean view, the little school kids who smile and say "good afternoon" as I pass...I will miss it all*.  It's my 'zen' time and while I plan to continue running when I get home, running in the suburbs just isn't the same.
  8. The fruits and veggies.  I love the tropical fruits and veggies that are so readily available here and the fact so cheap is such a luxury.  I'll miss having things like soursop, passion fruit, mango and callaloo on a weekly basis. Next season...sigh.
  9. The weather.  I am a summer and sunshine girl.  I do not like the dark, gray, cold, and dreary days of winter (unless I am in a ski town out west, of course! Then the snow is FUN).  I will miss being able to wear shorts, a tank top and flip flops every single day.  It's going to be VERY cold when we go back home - luckily though, we'll have a cuddly little baby to keep us warm and spring will be right around the corner!
  10. Living on our boat.  This is what we will miss the most.  Me and Scott, together in our own little world, with our own little routine, on our little boat.  Brings a little tear to my eye...
Brittany & Scott

* Okay, I tell a lie.  I will not miss the cat calling from rude men.

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SailFarLiveFree said...

Did you make it up to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls? Other than the people and fresh spices, that was in our "Top Ten of Grenada".

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