Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Next Steps...

Lots of questions coming in about our next steps these days!

When we announced that we were having a baby back in September, I also mentioned we would be going home to have her around the beginning of the new year.  Well - believe it or not, here we are!

After much deliberation, we decided to bring our beloved Rasmus to Trinidad for the seven months or so that we will be away.  While there were a lot of reasons contributing to this decision (more in a later post) we also got a fantastic deal on high-security storage with our newest sponsor Peake Yacht Services, the Caribbean's largest and most comprehensive yacht haul-out facility.  We are honored and excited to partner with such an esteemed yachting facility.

So, weather permitting, we will be sailing for Trinidad this coming Saturday.  Being that I am eight months pregnant we thought it might be nice to have another hand on board in case things get dicey (as they do from time to time on the water) and I threw out an invitation to my dad.  Lucky for us - he took the bait and booked a ticket.  Seeing the news on Facebook, his best friend (and the best pseudo-uncle there ever was) called him up and said "I'm coming too".  So now, we will be a motley crew of four and having my dad and uncle Tom along will make what will be a bitter-sweet journey err on the "sweet" side.

Once we're in Trinidad, Scott and I will be thrown back into "work mode" prepping the boat for long-term storage (again, more on this in a later post!).  From there, we will be flying back to Chicago where we will live with my parents (believe it or not, all parties involved are excited about this!), have our baby (due March 21st) and remain home with our little sea monkey for the 2012 hurricane season as we adjust to being parents.  Scott will get a part-time job to make more money for our cruising kitty and will also be returning to Grenada for five weeks in July to work for Island Windjammers.  We have lots of places to visit and people to see while we are home, so we're going to be busy and if the past year and a half is any indication - time is going to fly!

We plan on returning to the Caribbean next September to complete some projects and continue cruising full-time.  There is talk about getting a bigger boat, and we're exploring our options on that front.  We'll keep you posted.  We will remain here in the Windward and Leeward Islands and we'll probably head south to the ABC's (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) or somewhere else after next season.  We're not sure where we'll spend the 2013 hurricane season but we don't want to sit idle on our boat in one place again and we're liking the idea of renting a house in Costa Rica for a few months and surfing every day.  Who knows?  When two dreamers like us get to talking and planning, just about anything is possible!

Windtraveler is not going away!  We're only taking a little break while we amp up for phase two - this next year is going to get really interesting and rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop!

Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I have no doubt ya'll aren't going away! Lots of great things ahead for you two, and we're looking forward to hearing about them. So glad that everything has worked out so well for ya'll .. makes us even more confident that we can do this. =)

TT said...

Very exciting. And your little sea monkey is going to be a pisces... I like that! Being born March 2nd myself.

Maybe we'll meet you in Costa Rica then, we're thinking to pass by there later this year if we'll postpone our Pacific crossing till next year.

Seabee2nd said...

Sorry “World Tour Stories” but March 21st makes the “Sea Monkey” an Aries. I know this because I was born many decades ago on March 21st!
Brit & Scott, I have enjoyed your blog and I think you know I have written often about what a great job you guys are doing but having the baby on MY birthday, well, that’s just too much, you guys are the best!
In all seriousness, I will miss your daily entries but there is nothing more important than family. Even though you have a huge extended family, having your own family changes everything. No matter how much you plan and make claims, EVERYTHING changes once you bring someone else into this world. Stay flexible and enjoy every minute of every day with your daughter. I look forward to your return and will be “on the hard” until you do, hurry back please.
Good luck and my God bless you both and your family. (try to see a Cubs game or twelve for me would ya?)

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