Monday, January 09, 2012

Island Windjammers

Having a working sea captain as a husband has it's perks...and last week I cashed in some major "perk points" when I was invited to join him on a cruise to the Grenadines.  Ummm....Yes, please!

As most of you know - Scott is now gainfully employed as "relief captain" with Island Windjammers.  If you are someone who is longing to get away and experience the pure magic that is sailing the Caribbean on a tall ship, then this is definitely for you.  The atmosphere on the ship is incredibly laid-back and casual but definitely not "rustic".  Each guest room is air-conditioned and has it's own private bathroom and the meals that are served (8am breakfast, 12pm lunch, 5pm "Swizzle Time" and 7pm dinner) are delicious.  The boat accommodates twelve passengers who, despite being from all walks of life (I've met guests ranging from Rumologists to foreign diplomats and everything in between), seem to effortlessly find themselves on the same page on the ship.  It's all about relaxing and having a good time while enjoying the beauty that the Grenadines has to offer from the deck of an incredibly beautiful sailing ship.  You make the trip your own.  I laughed so hard I am honestly surprised I didn't go into early labor and - as in my previous trip with Island Windjammers - I made some great new friends and had a fantastic time.  I'm only sorry it had to end.

Speaking of end - this is Scott's last week for this rotation!  After six continuous weeks of work he will now be off until July 2012 when he returns for another rotation.  While I am so grateful he has this job (I mean, could it be any more perfect?!), it will sure be nice to have him around again.  Being able to see him in action was such a treat - I was so proud of him and cannot believe how far we have come.

You can learn more about Island Windjammers on their Facebook Page and be sure to check out our pictures of this trip HERE!

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Six weeks on, six months off .. sounds like a pretty good deal! So glad that everything is working out for ya'll! You've come a long way indeed!

Air conditioned rooms and 3 meals a day on the Windjammer .. nice!

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