Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Moments of my IWJ Cruise

I'm still riding the high from my week away with Island Windjammers, so allow me to indulge...

There were many fantastic moments of this past cruise.  Not the least of which was the fact that I didn't have to do, fix, mend, maintain or cook a thing.  However, all that was just icing on the cake.  Here are my

Top 10 Moments of our Island Windjammers Cruise

  1. Beach barbecue on Tobago Cays. What is it about beaches and barbecues that seem to make the world just seem right?  Captain Scott donned an apron and grilled some mean burgers for us despite the fact that he's been a vegetarian for 11 years and hasn't grilled a burger in at least as long (he waited for the verdict on the burgers before letting out that little gem).  This day was a great one - quintessentially Caribbean.
  2. The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on Bequia.  Who doesn't love sea turtles?  Now imagine a couple hundred baby sea turtles no larger than the palm of your hand all swimming around in a protected pool in the name of conservation and you've got love on steroids.  Such a great place to support and visit.  Plus there are friendly larger turtles who love to have their necks scratched!
  3. Laughter during swizzle hour. For those of you who don't know, "Swizzle" hour refers to "happy hour" aboard s/v Diamant.  It happens every day at 5pm when Brandon whips up a delicious rum drink of his choice (I have to take other's words for it on the "delicious" bit, since I'm off the rum these days) and Philbert, the chef, presents a delectable array of appetizers.  Lots of laughter was had during these hours.  I can personally attest that Sky Mall Magazine (I brought along a copy for fun because...well...because I think it's the funniest thing EVER) can really get people laughing.  From "Bashful Yeti's" to "Slankets" (look out "Snuggie"!) this magazine will either revive or diminish your hope for humanity.  Whatever the verdict, laughter will abound.
  4. Hermit crab races on the bow.  Don't knock it till you try it folks!  The verdict is still out as to whether or not the crew dopes the crabs to sway the odds, but we'll take their word that they don't.  Bets are made, money is exchanged and one lucky crustacean crab-walks his or her way to victory and into our hearts for thirty seconds.  It's lively, it's fun, and I'm surprised it's not happening in Vegas.  
  5. Swimming with turtles in the Tobago Cays.  Swimming with sea turtles in the wild is awesome.  Period.
  6. Cha-cha slide followed by Euro dance party on the bow.  Okay, the "cha-cha" slide might have come up during a swizzle hour and I might have suggested we all do it on the bow one evening.  Luckily the president of the company, Liz, had it on her iPod and pretty much everyone was game.  It wasn't long after our final "to the left!" that the bow of Diamant turned into a dance floor of the Euro-techno variety.  It was prophesied that I would give birth to a Mexican jumping bean. 
  7. Bobbing and relaxing in Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau.  After a nice hike up to the highest point in Mayreau (don't get too excited, I think it's probably 600 feet above sea level) a few of us went down to the beautiful Salt Whistle bay and bobbed and chatted in the water for a while.  If you're not familiar with it - Salt Whistle Bay is probably one of the most picturesque bays in all of the Caribbean.  Wonderful time with wonderful people.
  8. Getting to know new friends.  As always on a trip like this, people go from stranger to friend in no time.  I had the best time getting to know the folks on our trip - from learning about their travels and their stories to hearing about their families, none of us were ever starved for conversation and lasting friendships were made.
  9. Group karaoke on Mayreau.  Anyone who follows us religiously knows that Scott and I are fans of karaoke.  BIG fans (and not in the "we take ourselves way too seriously" way but in the "lets sing like fools and if we don't scare people away that is good" way).  Apparently we weren't the only ones and our group sang our hearts out with such vigor that we all woke up sounding like we power smoked a pack of cigarettes.  We turned it into a guys vs. girls competition and each group had to pick the other's song which I highly recommend if you are looking to "up" the comedic quotient.  Highlight?  The men singing (and strutting to) "I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred.  Yes.  Yes you are.
  10. Hearing "Amazing Grace" every time the sails were raised.  Engine off.  Sails flying.  Amazing Grace playing in the back ground.  Perfect.
Interested in having an experience of your own?  Book your trip today!  They fill up fast (they recommend to book 6 months in advance)!

Brittany & Scott


RumShopRyan said...

Great list! I would have to through in the lobster pizza at Mac's on Bequia and the hiking on Anse La Roche...for the explorer types. Still dream about Philbert's food and Brandons's drinks!


Hedonistic Values said...

Y'all should try Kamikaze Karaoke sometime! Close your eyes, flip the pages, put your finger down on a page. Whatever your finger lands on - yup! That's what you sing!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like a dream! Don't know which on the list sounds the best. Swimming with turtles has to be awesome!

Lisa Hanneman said...

Sounds awesome! Might have to put this one on the bucket list... Only if Scott is the Captain, though.

Anonymous said...

I concur...Salt Whistle Bay is a favorite. Loved it when I was there..we bought some lobsters from a boat boy..heaven on earth.

SailFarLiveFree said...

Is "swizzle" specific to the boat or region? Never heard it used before.

Anonymous said...

Snacks and Swizzles were served everyday around 5:00 p.m. on the old Windjammer fleet. It was happy hour with hoeur d'ouerves and the rum punch of the day concocted by the crew. Island Windjammers has continued the tradition.

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