Friday, February 10, 2012

Decommissioning a Boat is No Easy Feat

This is what our "task list(s)" looked like this week...those of you who follow our Facebook Page have seen it; but I wanted to re-post it here on the blog because, well, I think it's pretty impressive.  We put a lot of hard work and care into storing our boat for the next seven months or so.  To some of you this might seem like overkill, and only time will tell what we did right and wrong, but the idea of doing all of these things is that we'll come back to the same boat we left.  The tropical sun combined with the salty air, heavy rain, humidity and near-perfect breeding conditions for just about any bug all have a way of making things deteriorate at a rapid rate down here.  If left without proper consideration or attention we could easily return to a boat full of insects, mildew, bubbling decks, damaged halyards, rotting wood, nests in the boom and God only knows what else.  Hopefully, all this TLC we put into Rasmus this week will ensure we return to our little beauty in the condition we left her in: pristine.  I will post the full list of exactly what we did in detail with more explanation when I have time, but for now I must gloat at how much we accomplished.  The other day a woman who works the front office here at Peake's said to Scott and I, "You guys just look like such a perfect couple...Watching you with each other you can see it... you seem like such a great team".  I'd have to agree.  We do our fair share of high-fives, not going to lie...

We should be landing in Chicago late this afternoon.  I only wish I could've prepared myself for the next few months as well as we prepped Rasmus!  Brrrrr...

Brittany & Scott


Pat Sixbey said...

You guys can go thru a list MUCH faster than I can! Leaving one great adventure for another. All the luck with the new "addition".
Safe Travels

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