Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Exclusive Mt. Cinnamon Resort

Private Beach on Grand Anse. Image courtesy of Mt. Cinnamon Resort
Savvy's Restaurant. Image courtesy of Mt. Cinnamon Resort
Room interior. Image courtesy of Mt. Cinnamon Resort
One of the perks of having a modestly popular blog that enjoys about 70K page views a month and over a thousand visitors a day is that we sometimes get nice little 'perks' (like great sponsors) because of it.  Well - here's an opportunity where we get to pass a perk back to YOU, our lovely, wonderful, faithful readers!  The other day, I mentioned how we were invited to the exclusive Mt. Cinnamon Resort for a private event at the Savvy Restaurant.  After meeting and mingling with the lovely Stacie Mills, we thought it might be nice to partner up and use our blog to offer our island-loving readers insight into this beautiful place and a chance to experience a slice of Caribbean luxury...

The resort is, in a word, fabulous.  Conceived and designed by the famous investment visionary (and sailing enthusiast - he's a former America's Cup Sailor and also the man behind the Port Louis Marina!!) Peter de Savary, great attention has been paid to every minute detail from the bright, Caribbean decor to the lush flora surrounding the grounds.  The eco-friendly resort features a gym, a yoga studio, a private slice of beach along Grand Anse, and a lovely beach side restaurant.  They've left no stone unturned and authenticity and quality is the name of the game for this Caribbean experience.  If you are looking to "get away" and want to experience the magic that is Grenada (and trust me, it will captivate you!) - this would be a fantastic way to spend a night or two...or more!

We are able to offer our readers a rate of $300 per night (plus taxes and service charges) if you make your reservation direct through the Mt. Cinnamon reservations department.  You can do this one of two ways: either call 1-473-439-4400 or email and mention "Windtraveler Cruising Blog".  While we understand $300 isn't 'cheap' by any means, the typical rate is $700 a night so this is a steal for such luxury!  We know many of you are longing to enjoy a little fun in the sun but might be without a boat and we sincerely hope that some of you will be able to take advantage of this fantastic deal.  

If you book your trip for next November, you might even get to meet up with us and our little sea-monkey.  Let us know and we can make arrangements!  How fun would a "Windtraveler weekend" be?  

See you in paradise!

Brittany & Scott

*Unless otherwise noted, photos are my own.
*We are not benefitting financially if you book at this resort - this is simply an exclusive offer for our blog followers, not a business transaction for us.  


Captain Cat said...

Mmmmm, fantastic Brittany! A great and thoughtful offer. Wish I could get there. You rock!

One day I hope to shove off the dock for good, catch up with you in the Caribbean and shake your paw.

Anonymous said...

Finally made it to Grenada and based in the lovely Port Louis Marina. We now plan to take a dingy ride to visit & have lunch at the restaurant at the Mt. Cinamon Resort. Thanks for the info here on your blog!

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