Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wonder Where To Store Your Boat in the Caribbean? Peake Yacht Services.

This blog has afforded Scott and I some wonderful partnerships...
When we decided that we would come back home to give birth to our baby girl instead of staying in the Caribbean, we began the daunting task of researching where we would store our other "baby"...

Leaving a boat in a foreign country is not easy, and I've got another post in the works about things to consider when doing this, but for now I'd like to introduce and tell you a little more about Peake Yacht Services, the "The Caribbean's largest and most comprehensive haul-out facility".

I knew we found the right yard when I sent an initial inquiry email and they got back to about six minutes...on a weekend.  That kind of promptness does not happen too often in the Caribbean.  I was so impressed by the level of professionalism displayed in these first email interactions that I knew we had found our next "home".  The fact that they decided to partner with us was just icing on the cake.

The yard itself is a boater's haven and within it's gates they host a chandlery, the Bight Hotel (clean, simple rooms that are a reasonable $75 a night), a snack shop, a travel lift, the fantastic Zanzibar restaurant (where you can get a great veggie burger!), street vendors that sell delicious Trini/Caribbean food for a steal just outside the gates (only between 12 and 1pm!), free wifi and tons of other resources and services for cruisers at very competitive prices.

What stands out the most are the employees.  Because Trinidad is so large (over a million people) and relatively "cosmopolitan" compared to the rest of the Caribbean, much more attention is paid to customer service and efficiency.  From the friendly 24-hour security guards to the women in the office - everyone employed by Peake's are professional, well spoken and incredibly knowledgeable.  It is very refreshing.  Even your water glass will not go empty at the restaurant - the are that on top of things.

While they do have a very secure facility with 24-hour surveillance by both guards and cameras, Scott and I opted to store our Rasmus in their "high security" yard because we would be leaving our boat for so long.  This area is separated from the rest by a fence and a small moat.  No boat work is allowed in this zone and the only people who are allowed in must be approved as well as checked in and out by the front office.   For added assurance there are two very large, scary looking dogs that roam free at night, just in case.

If you are looking for a top-rate facility to either store your boat, complete some seasonal projects or get work done - Peake Yacht Services should top your list.  From what we have found in our experience and research, they are unmatched in their professionalism, breadth of services and pricing (yes, even when compared to Grenada).
The yard is very large and very organized.
The veranda where cruisers can sit back and enjoy some free wifi.
The hotel rooms are great for cruisers who need a night away.
They have a fantastic dinghy dock where cruisers can fill up with free fresh water!
The travel lift can accomodate more boats than most and the crew are incredible! 

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Becky said...

Definitely a great facility! Agree with the professional and wonderful staff!

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