Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wrapped Up

Here's a picture we just got of our baby all shrink-wrapped for hibernation...doesn't she look fantastic?  This was not cheap to do, in fact it cost about $700, but if you plan on storing your boat out in the elements for any significant length of time I would say this is an essential part of boat decommissioning in the Caribbean.  The shrink wrap will protect the deck, teak toe-rail and all our fittings from rain and the devastating deterioration caused by UV rays.  In our opinion, the potential permanent damage that will be avoided by having our deck covered is well worth the $700 we spent on this tarp.  Already I cannot wait to break it all down when we return!

As for land-life, we are no longer on island time that is for sure.  It's been busy, busy, busy around here.   We landed in Chicago on Friday night and a day later drove to Michigan for Scott's grandpa's wake and funeral.  We got back into town yesterday evening and have been going from appointment to appointment ever since.  Things should slow down this weekend for us - until the baby arrives, that is.  She is head down and ready to go so really, it could be any time now.  Honestly, I don't know who is more excited - me or Scott!  We'll keep you posted.  Lots of good stuff to come, just be patient with us while we get acclimated.

Brittany & Scott

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DeeDee said...

I enjoy reading your blog! You guys sound like a great couple, plus one!! Good luck with the arrival of your precious baby! My 'babies' are 25 and 22 now... time really does fly! Slow down, take a break! Those 0400 feeding will come soon enough! Hope to meet you soon! DeeDee S/V Marionette

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