Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby, Baby From the Sea...

So, I have mentioned the awesomeness of my sister before, right?  Well - here is her latest stroke of genius in the form of a poem she wrote for our little baby last night.  I think it's brilliant.  Look out folks, she is the female Shel Silverstein (with a hint of Dr. Seuss)!  This baby is soooo lucky to have an auntie like her.

Baby baby from the sea,
I cannot wait to meet you
And though you’ll swim among the fish
Dry land is where I'll greet you

You curl and croon in your watery bed
With no haste to wake up
You’re warm in there and quite well fed
Your eyes are tightly shut

But baby baby from the sea
Id love to see your face
And hold your tiny hand in mine
And share my sweet embrace

I think of what you’ll look like
When you make your great debut
With tight blond curls or maybe brown
And eyes two oceans blue

See baby baby from the sea
I wonder of you often
And think of who you’ll grow to be
Knowing well that I’ll be smitten

So brave you’ve made it on that sea
9 months within your arbor
dizzy with curiosity
as you make your way to harbor

so baby baby from the sea
just know that when you’re ready
you have the love of family
to get those sea legs steady

by Chelsea Stephen

41 weeks today and no sign of baby - but she is happy, healthy, and mama feels fantastic so we'll just wait!  Tick, tock, tick tock...

Brittany & Scott


Sharon Fellows Larrison Stepniewski said...

Wow! Love your sister's poem! How special is THAT?!! I'm sure you will frame this to keep forever! Miss you guys. I keep checking (we are in SouthSide Marina T&C) to see when she arrives! Sharon aboard Finally Fun

Katie said...

What a beautiful poem!!! It's just too sweet!

Did you know that Shel Silverstein teamed up with Pat Dailey and made a CD of Songs for Kids? Our little guy loves to dance to it, and of course the lyrics are so clever!

Good luck and many blessing with your "baby baby from the sea"!


Josh said...

Beauty! Nice writing.

Captain Rizzo said...

Awesome! Best of luck to you and the delivery captain!

Lisa Hanneman said...

That is really the most special gift ever! BEAUTIFUL! xoxo

Lisa Hanneman said...

That is really the most special gift ever! BEAUTIFUL! xoxo

Unknown said...

I see that she has arrived, via your tweets! Hearty congratulations to you both! Happy Spring and Fair Winds to your little trio.

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