Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Proof, Boat Proof?

It's quite a lofty claim, to call something "life proof".   I mean, "baby proof", "bullet proof" and "water proof" are all "proofs" I can wrap my head around - but "LIFE proof"?  Well, that is something else entirely.

Living on a boat, while great for the soul, is not always great for gadgets.  The salty air, the constant motion, and the propensity for life to occur at an angle mean stuff gets wet, corroded and doesn't always stay where it's supposed to.  I have an iPhone and I recently bought the LifeProof iPhone Case to help protect it in the hopes of elongating it's life at sea.

According to the company's website - this case promises four "proofs": water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.  Meaning, I can take my phone to the beach and not worry about sand getting into all it's nooks and crannies, I can take it skiing with me and not worry about it freezing, it can fall off the table without detriment, and (here's the coolest bit) I can even take my iPhone swimming with me if I want.  Swimming! Crazy.

Prior to the LifeProof, I had an Otterbox Case which definitely did the job, but not nearly as well as the this new case (it is not 100% waterproof for one).  What I love about the Life Proof most is the fact that it is thin and does not double the size of your phone like so many of the earlier model cases.

So far, I'm digging this and while I don't know about "life" proof, it certainly seems to be pretty "boat" proof to me!

Brittany, Scott & Isla


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I want one of these soooo bad! Good to know you like it!

Princess Aboard said...

We love ours!

AJ Gau said...

How hard was this to "install" on the phone? Wondering if we can get one and move it between phones depending on which of us needs it for a trip.

Windtraveler said...

Hi AJ- it's very easy, just sort of snaps into place. But i'm not sure if you'd want to move it back and forth a lot because you don't want to compromise the watertight seal.

Horace A. Hoover said...

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