Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sew Cool!

I sewed my first project last night! This panel will cover a large opening below our navigation station so that we can store bins behind it.  All I have left to do is install grommets along the edges with my fancy-schmancy Press-N-Snap tool.  Unfortunately, being the novice that I am, I didn't realize I needed a grommet hole cutter so I have to wait till we get one of those before I install the grommets. Wah wah.  I was soooo excited to install the grommets too.  Remember how much I loved pop riveting?  I imagine it's equally satisfying.

The machine - as intimidating as it was at first - is super easy to thread and use.  Suffice it to say I am hooked.  Based on the success of this ridiculously easy project and a *slightly* inflated sense of accomplishment, I have a HUGE list of things that I'm going to make:  lee cloths, jerry can covers, kite board bag, cockpit cushion covers and - wait for it - an awning for our boat.  Yep.  It's on like Donkey King over here.  But first, I'm going to finish the non-skid backed placemats I started this morning.  Easy does it...

A monster has been created!

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