Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boom Boat Name

We did a fun little project this weekend.  While it's pretty traditional to have a boat's name on the stern of a monohull , it's also nice to have the name somewhere on the side if possible since on a full-time cruising boat the stern is more often than not covered by the dinghy, hiding the name completely.  

Since we now have a roller furling main sail, our boom is the perfect blank canvas for such a thing.  After a little research, I found Captain John's Boat Lettering and created a set of heavy-duty vinyl stickers for it.  What's cool about this site is the name preview page where you can type in your boat's name in all sorts of fonts in all sorts of colors to see what it looks like.  Since I originally found the font we used for the stern (merlin) on this site, matching it was easy.

The application process is pretty simple and Captain John's provides great instructions. All you need are a pair of scissors, tape, a ruler and "application solution" (3-4 drops of dish soap mixed with 16 oz of water in a spray bottle).  Thirty minutes later we had our name on either side of the boom.  Looks pretty sharp, right?
First you clean the application area thoroughly (with acetone) and tape up name where you want it. 
Remove backing and spray "application fluid" liberally to stickers and surface
Smooth area with provided squeegee tool using significant pressure to remove any air bubbles 
Allow to dry for 10 minutes 
Peel off protective cover and let your name be known!

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