Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's All About Perspective

"All great change is preceded by chaos".  This was the quote that our friend, Mike, reminded me of after yesterday's post.  It could not have come at a more perfect time, because as I read that on our Facebook Page the interior cabinetry of our boat was literally coming out of our companionway in segments.  Down below, it looked like we were back at square one.  "Chaos" was definitely the appropriate descriptor.

Sometimes, though, when things get a little overwhelming I find it's best to step away and take a little break from the madness.  So instead of stewing around the construction zone that is our boat, I decided to go get a pedicure.  That's right.  I got a little foot massage and someone scrubbed my toes all clean.  It was heavenly. Scott and Isla met me afterwards and we had a nice late afternoon walk down bustling Las Olas, stopping for an early dinner at one of the quaint Parisan sidewalk cafes that expensive boulevards never fail to offer.  When we returned, we put Isla to bed and Scott and I curled up in the aft cabin to watch "Ted".  Nothing puts things in perspective like a movie about a living, breathing, pot-smoking teddy bear.  It was an evening free of lists, research, projects, emails or delegation and it was wonderful.  

This morning we were back at it; the stays'l tracks were mounted in their proper place and it looks like tomorrow the boat will be put back together again.  Scott even started installing our life-line netting and we have now joined the ranks of thousands of boater parents that have come before us by turning our boat into a veritable playpen that screams "we have kids on board!".  It is, in fact, a great change.
The unofficial insignia of boats with kids on board.


Kelley - Sailing Chance said...

We're far off from kids but installing the life lines for our dogs.

Also, our boat is literally a construction site right now (most of the interior is gutted) as we reconfigure it for a more comfortable live aboard space. My current level of anxiety is off the charts and could very much use a pedi to put me at ease!

Max Dodds said...

Any woman deserves to be pampered. Day in day out you are dealing with a lot of stress. Sometimes my wife prefers to go out with her girlfriends for a so-called spa day and I encourage her to. She deserves it.

Lauryn Copeland said...

You know, I'd rather go on a road trip and drive all day in our camper van than go sailing. My experiences on a boat haven't been pleasant and fun at all as I often get sea sick.

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