Wednesday, January 02, 2013

They're BaaAAAck

Nothing like getting a text message with the photo above accompanied by the words: "You might want to bomb again" to yank you out of vacation mode.


And to think, I was just emailing with someone claiming victory over these little bastards this morning.  Looks like I'll have to eat my words.  I know everyone told us, and I guess I only sort of believed them but now I know for sure: these guys really are hard to kill.  All those jokes about them surviving the apocalypse are actually coming from some place legit.  So far we have laid out twenty roach motels, made a batch of roach killing cookies and fogged the place twice (or was it three times?) and this little guy somehow made it through.  Ugh.

More fogging, trapping and squishing will commence.  I might even have to go out and buy the industrial strength stuff so many of you told us about.  Hopefully once we leave the damn dock we will be free of these guys for a while.  There are few things I despise as much as cockroaches.  (Shudder).

For now, I am going back to vacation mode.  Nothing I can do about it from here and mama wants an ice cream cone!


Tasha Hacker said...

Oh no! Man, it sounded like you had this problem covered! So sorry... You'll get there, though!

NatGeoWannaBe said...

On the bright me get back to you on that one.

Anonymous said...

A friend in NYC had cockroaches in his apartment and noticed that they seemed to be mostly around the refrigerator. In a last-ditch effort (and because the refrig. was old anyway) he got rid of it and that was the end of the roaches. Consider that they might be hanging out/nesting in something you brought onto the boat. Also, try some of those sticky mousetraps on your galley counters (where Isla can't reach) and see what you get - it can't hurt and you need every weapon you can get.

Laura and Hans said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, they absolutely creep me out! Keep up with your killer cookies and remember to also puff some borax into any and all crevices (behind your outlets etc...) using one of those condiment bottles you can get at the dollar store. One day Hans was in a panic when he found a bunch of white powder in our battery storage area until I told him it was Borax. Another tip; put your oven mitts in a zip lock bag. Honest to God, they'll eat anything including the corpses of their near and dear!

Scott said...

If you decide you want to nail these bastards once and for all (at least until some more crawl aboard), here's how you do it:

Hire a professional exterminator to fumigate your boat with Vikane. This gas is what is used to fumigate whole houses for termites and what not, and it kills every living thing, including eggs. You will have to seal up all your ventilators, dog hatches, seal the weep holes at the mast step and so on. The exterminator will then pump Vikane into the boat through a little hose and let it steep for 24 hours. It will flow into every crack and crevice: into places you can't see and will never be able to reach. And it will kill everything it touches.

After 24 hours he'll then ventilate the boat with some fans, and you'll be good to go.

This stuff is the bomb (literally). It will solve your bug problem.

How do I know? My son had a bedbug problem in 2011. When he moved houses, I loaded all of his possessions (clothes, furniture, everything) in to a Uhaul truck and had an exterminator fumigate the truck box.

No more problems.


Michelle said...

Ah that stinks!

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