Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bimini Bread

Barbara and her Bimini bread
Bimini has many special attributes; excellent fishing, the fact that golf carts are the preferred mode of transport, colorful Bahamian buildings, wonderful people, gorgeous shoreline and (drum roll please) Bimini bread.  It is similar to Hawaiian bread in flavor and texture and sinfully good.  Soft and squishy with just a hint of sweetness,  one loaf will be gone sooner than you think.  It is ridiculously easy to eat.

When I asked a couple of local ladies where to get the best Bimini bread it was unanimous, "Barbara's!" they said in unison, pronouncing every syllable of the name in their rhythmic Bahamian patois. "Go up dat lil hill, and it's da tird 'ouse on da right...up dat road right der...two story 'ouse, mustard color" one of the ladies pointed out.  So up that road we went and took a right on a sandy footpath leading to the two story mustard house.

"Barbara?" we tentatively yelled out towards the house as we inched our way onto the property.  It felt a little like trespassing; it was just a quiet house, no sign indicating it was "Barbara's" and we could buy bread there, no nothing.  "Come right up" a muffled voice from inside the house yelled.  We did, and by the time we were at the door so was Barbara with a big, bright smile.  "We hear you have the best bread?" I said to her.  "I'd sure hope so!" she exclaimed with a chuckle "...but it's not finished yet.  Still cookin'.  Come back at tree."

So that is what Isla and I did.  We walked right back up to the house, only this time we could have followed our noses there.  The aroma of fresh sweet bread filled the air.  Barbara greeted us from her screen door with a smile.  "Bread's till bakin'.  Five more minutes" she told us after exchanging a few coos with Isla.  I said thank you and started on our way telling her we'd be back, but Barbara insisted we wait with her in her home.  I had forgotten how warm, kind and accepting Bahamians are.  It is one of the many things that make these islands so special.

We chatted with the lovely Barbara while her bread finished baking, snapped a few pictures and got our bread to go straight from the oven, promising to come back for more.  Isla and I headed straight for the beach and dug right into that steaming hot loaf while sitting under the shade of a tree on the bluff, watching the Bahamian sun dance on the topaz waters before us.

If you're ever in Bimini, ask anyone how to get to Barbara's house for Bimini bread.  This island is small enough that everyone will not only know exactly who you are talking about, but how to direct you there as well.  You too might find yourself at the mustard colored house up the little hill.
Barbara's house
Next round of bread, ready to bake

My loaf
Eating our Bimin bread on the bluff


Tasha Hacker said...

Delicious! You guys look like you're relaxed and recovering from months of boat work! I assume you're staying put until the front passes?



Caryn Ross said...

Love this!! We are getting ready to set sail in a week! I will for sure stop off at Barbara's!

S/V Magnolia said...

I saved the link to this post and added it to the "bucket list." We checked this one off today. Thank you for posting this information.

Unknown said...

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