Thursday, February 07, 2013

First Family Sail

While I left Ft. Lauderdale with a heavy heart, it was hard to remain sad for long.  As soon as we got out to sea, the wind filled our sails, the sun shined upon our faces and we cruised along close-hauled at six knots in a gentle ten knots of breeze.  Our boat handled beautifully and, once again, Aeolus and Poseidon granted us the priceless gift of a wonderful first sail as a family of three.  Such an auspicious initiation was exactly what the doctor ordered.

My only fear going into this whole thing was that perhaps Isla wouldn't fare too well at sea, but it seems my fears were unfounded.  She is a natural.  She loved watching the waves, feeling the wind through her hair, and playing in the cockpit.  Her two daily naps were not even disturbed; she slept like a baby while we motored out of the intracoastal and again while underway at quite a heel with waves lapping against the hull.

We sailed the entire way, only turning on our engine the last two hours so we could make it into No Name Harbor by nightfall.  We dropped the hook around 5:30, reveled in our amazing day, put Isla to bed and enjoyed our first eve at anchor.  Scott and I were exhausted and turned in by 8:30.  The three of us slumbered soundly and peacefully until morning.

We have a few little projects to finish up here at anchor, but we're making it another early night tonight because we plan on hopping across the Gulf Stream to Bimini tomorrow morning around 4am.  In the meantime, enjoy some photos of our maiden sail!
Motoring out of our canal on Hendricks Isle
Going under Las Olas bridge where Isla and I walked nearly every day
Car seats are also useful on a boat!
Heading out to sea! 
Our wonderful friends Dave, Melinda, Mario and Karine gave us a proper send off.  We miss you guys already!!  
Luckily, we'll be seeing Dave and Melinda in the Bahamas, and Mario and Karine in Grenada - can't wait! 
Beautiful day 
This is a happy baby.  Her smile lights up a room! 
Under full sail 
Games under way
Isla plotting our course 
She loved playing in our protected cockpit 
...she even took the helm a couple of times 
Check out those sea legs!
Daddy and daughter, is there a better combo anywhere? 
More fun with mama
She loves her daddy
At anchor
Asante, anchored in No Name Harbor


Carolyn Shearlock - The Boat Galley said...

Fantastic! I love the little harness and tether on Isla, and the photo of her with the chart is just priceless! Oh, yeah, Mom and Dad looked like they were having a pretty good time, too.

Looked like Isla was walking in one of the photos . . . did I miss an announcement?

SafariBriana said...

Your boat is named Asante?? Excellent.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Exciting times .. enjoy! Asante looks beautiful!

Mimi said...

Hi Cousins,
Happy Sailing!
I love keeping up with what you are doing. Your writing is delightful.

Mike B. said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Started following your blog a short time ago and just wanted to say hi and congratulations on setting sail once again. And thanks for the inspiration. Hope all goes well on your Gulf Stream passage.

Anonymous said...

Wow she will be barking out orders pretty soon...
This post was the best part of my day, beautiful, beautiful!!!
Godspeed for your crossing
Danville in NC

Tricia @geekyexplorers said...

What beautiful pictures! Glad your first family sail had such fabulous weather.

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