Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Our Captain is on Loan

It's that time again. Scott is heading off to work and we've got to say goodbye to him for a few weeks.  In preparation for his being away, we have moved from our spot out in the anchorage to a mooring ball in a hurricane hole down here in Georgetown.  While it's is a huge perk that he is able to work such an incredible job to maintain our lifestyle, I hate saying goodbye with all my soul.  Yin and yang.  We can't have our cake and eat it too.

The idea behind moving our boat is really for the safety of Isla and me.  This hurricane hole is completely protected from wind and waves and the water stays nice and flat in almost all conditions when out in the anchorage boats might be bouncing like mad.  Getting a baby into a dinghy solo when a boat is bucking like a wild horse is not recommended.  In addition, Isla and I will be flying back to the states for a short visit and the man who maintains this mooring has agreed to do frequent checks on our boat to make sure she's doing okay without us.  It's a safe place to be with plenty of live-aboard neighbors and lots of friends nearby who will all be looking after us.  Scott will leave knowing I can hold down the fort, and I'll rest easy knowing we're surrounded by a great community of boaters.

Tomorrow Scott flies to Grenada where he will be setting sail on the tall ship Diamant.  We've already heard from several lucky passengers who are excited to sail with him.  If any of you are booked on an Island Windjammer cruise in the next month - have a blast!  And if you're not - you might want to look into a vacation with them.  It's a seriously awesome trip and a unique vacation experience.

In the meantime, we'll be missing Scott something awful.  This is one unique case where I hope the time does fly.

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Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Cherish your last hours with him!!!

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