Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Home Stretch

We had another fantastic sail to Union Island yesterday.  Conditions were excellent with fifteen knots on our beam and a baby blue sky peppered with puffy white clouds.  In fact, according to the weatherman, we're going to have "near perfect" conditions in this neck of the woods for the next couple of days which is nice because these will be our last days cruising for a while before Scott reports to work July 19.  We're going to have one last night of R&R anchored out at the quiet and peaceful Sandy Island tonight and tomorrow we sail the home stretch to the Port Louis Marina (PLM), where we will stay for the next month or two.

While we're so excited to go back to the place that feels almost like a second "home" for us (I did spend 90% of my pregnancy there and Scott works out of the PLM every three months) it's a little bittersweet because it marks the end of "travel mode" which we really dig.  Sometimes, though, it's nice to put down a few roots for a spell and slow down.  This hiatus from cruising will give us the time and impetus we need to work on our beautiful boat which desperately needs some TLC after spending the past six months on the go.  Deck hardware needs re-bedding, varnish needs varnishing, hatches need replacing and we've got some other important projects to tend to as well.  Furthermore, we're really looking forward to catching up with old friends who's last memory of me was running around the docks with a belly full of baby. Now, they'll actually be able to fist bump with Isla which is a little trick we taught her this morning for *just* this occasion.  Fist bumping is still going strong in the Caribbean, fyi.

We've also got some important visitors lined up; my sister and my mom are coming down for separate vacations while Scott is at sea and this excites me like you wouldn't believe.  Not only do I get to spend time with two of my favorite people on the whole planet, but they are bringing with them oodles of goodies I have been sending them.  "Britt!! NO more packages from AMAZON!!!  No room in the bags!!!" was the last message my mom sent me.  Don't worry mom, just a few more things, promise.  Scott (accidentally) busted my Kindle last night and I feel lost without hopefully there is room for that.

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