Friday, September 27, 2013

A Full Life

I cannot contain my joy.  Life is just so good right now.  Back on the water, moving along, getting into our groove and enjoying nature has me riding a pretty nutso high right now.  I just love being on the move in a sailboat.  In just a couple short months Isla has matured a bit and now sits pleasantly while we sail for four or five hours at a time, playing with a toy or just cuddling on my chest, chit-chatting (this child is a non-stop talker!) and singing songs.  She has also grown to love the water and each morning when she sees her little puddle jumper swim jacket, she says, "wim! wim!" (her version of 'swim') and how do you deny a little water dragon a dip in the ocean?  So in we go for a morning swim.  Another little routine we've fallen into?  Taking her on a spin on the inflatable paddle board each morning.  She loves it and will happily sit still between our legs while we paddle around an anchorage.  It's lovely.  Evenings are spent relaxing with our friends, listening to music and enjoying sundowners in our cockpit as we all unwind from the day while the babies slumber away.

Yesterday while our friends on YOLO were working on a fuel tank issue, we sailed from Ronde Island to Carriacou and anchored in our own private bay between White and Saline Islands.  Scott snorkeled while Isla and I strolled along a deserted beach looking for shells and other treasures.  It was such a simple afternoon yet so enjoyable and reminded us of our peaceful and solitary days exploring the Exumas.  Unfortunately there are plans to develop the uninhabited and pristine White Island, making yet another tiny corner of this beautiful planet a little less untouched.  I know it's par for the course, but it still makes me a little sad to imagine this little slice of paradise dotted in beach cabanas designed for tourists.

Anyway, we're now anchored in Tyrrel Bay with our friends and plan to move over to Sandy Island this afternoon.  Here's a bunch of pictures of what the past couple days have looked like from our perspective since sometimes words just don't cut it.  I hope you enjoy.  Full days have led to very full lives as of late.  We're pretty thankful over here.

Isla's attention span - whether she's playing with her toes or toys - has increased exponentially.
Her independence has also flourished - she likes to do everything on her own!
Sailing up the coast of Grenada.
Still loving our harness and bumbo seat underway.
She likes to explore the deck with mama (clipped in, of course).  This child is honestly part monkey.
Sunset off Ronde Island. 
Morning paddle sesh. 
Lots of play dates with this little cutie!
A bunch of besties right here!
16 weeks pregnant with our twinnies.  Must get it laying down, standing I just look "thicker" and not pregnant yet.
Beach time is a daily occurrence.  Sometimes two or three times a day. 
Drawing in the sand with sticks is fun. 
Boat babies.
More SUPing.  We love our inflatable paddle board.  Best boat toy ever, in our opinion.
Beach combing with mama on our own private beach.


Melody s/v Vacilando said...

So awesome! I love the pic of Isla and Stormer on the paddleboard on the beach. They remind me of the characters in the first part of the old movie The Blue Lagoon. Little island babies!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to take our 14 month old to the beach, I think she'd love it

Michelle said...

Wow I love these pictures. Looks wonderful :) said...


Graziella SeaSunStories said...

Congratulation ;)

Unknown said...

We are sorry we missed you guys. Love your pictures and story. We are taking a break in the states for 6 weeks. Can't wait to get back to the boat. It is on a ball in PB. Hope to see you as we move north in November.
Rod & Linda, SV: It's Perfect

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