Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Quiet on the Blog Front

No, we're not just snoozing away over here (and I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins in this pic, fyi)
What gives, right?  It's like we live on a boat in the Caribbean or something...

Sorry for the lack of updates this past week, but between the whirlwind visit home, the subsequent exhaustion of traveling alone with a toddler while pregnant (13+ hours each way) and the fact that our internet router is refusing to speak with our Wi-Fi booster at the moment, blog posts just aren’t happening right now.  Of course I have plenty to say, and I will find the time to say it – but for now, just know that all is well on the good ship Asante and we're sitting pretty here in the islands.  We are currently enjoying beautiful Martinique after a rather epic five hour sail from St. Lucia where we hit record speeds of 8.7 knots while beam-reaching with our stays’l and main (didn't turn on the engine once).  Not too shabby.  Man, do we love our stays’l.  Our hunch was right and the cutter rig is most definitely for us.  For us, it's the most useful sail for sure.  So many options open up to us with this little work horse…

But back to being  incommunicado; it's pretty incredible how times have changed so quickly and so drastically that despite the fact that we live on a sailboat in the Caribbean islands, communication is so frequent and common that if I don’t post a blog every couple of days or so, people assume something is wrong.  While I for one am a big fan of the technology that allows us to connect and stay connected, there is something strange about the fact that a mere ten years ago this simply wasn’t the case.  To update a blog from the islands would have required much more effort and energy and god knows Facebook and Twitter weren’t around to keep everyone hanging on 140 character sound bytes.  I often think of my mom who moved to America from England at nineteen years of age during a time when travel was organized either by phone (if you were lucky and could afford phone calls overseas) and/or by letters.  My mind boggles at how spoiled and accessible we’ve all become and of course – just like anything - there are plusses and minus to this instant gratification and connectivity.  Can you imagine planning a  vacation or visit overseas…by letter?  Or trying to organize the procuring of boat parts from thousands of miles away without cell phones or internet?  That must have required a type of patience that is quickly becoming  (if not already) extinct.

I, for the most part, embrace this information age and the speed and ability at which we are able to share and acquire information.  But if we go silent* for a while – either by circumstance or choice – it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is amiss.  We’re still floating around on a sail boat in the Caribbean, after all.

For those who need some instant gratification, I do post pictures and updates on our Facebook Page with more regularity these days, so be sure to check us over there if all is quiet here.

* Sorry, but another reminder that if you emailed us, I am now more behind than ever.  I simply cannot keep up and will try my darndest to get back to you all when time (and internet) allows - and that might be well over a month.  For now, it remains very low on my list of priorities.  My apologies.

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Lynne said...

Ha ha, yes Brittany, we have become so spoiled with the internet. When I first went to live in Tanzania 20 years ago there were very few phones that worked & I certainly didn't have access to one, mail took forever & TV - what's that?? The first TV station since Independence opened up in early 1994 & we watched Nelson Mandela's Inauguration! Oh how times have changed....! Enjoy your down time. Seems like you need it xx

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