Wednesday, March 05, 2014

39 Weeks with Twins: Go Time

I love being pregnant.  It's incredible, magical, spiritual, ethereal and I embrace it as a gift; something to cherish and be thankful for.  That said, being just about thirty-nine weeks pregnant with twins can really weigh a woman down, pun intended.  It. Is. Exhausting.  But so worth it.  Our sweet Pisces girls will be born big and strong, and my body will have been the vessel that made them so.  Pretty awesome.  I'm proud of myself.  I'm proud of my body.  Truth be told, I'm going to really miss this belly.

We went to the doctors on Monday and, of course, they were shocked to see me.  "You're still pregnant?!?!" was the general greeting when I waddled in.  We all chuckled and laughed.  What can I say?  Babies like my womb.  Thirty-seven weeks is considered "full term" for twins and the average twins are delivered at thirty-five weeks, so I'm like a marathon twin mama over here.  Carrying twins to thirty-nine plus weeks is not unheard of, but it's certainly not the norm.  As good as the girls are doing and as good as I feel (relatively speaking of course, I have accepted a constant state of discomfort as my default these days), my doctors have decided it is time.  The eviction notice has been posted:  their deadline is 8am tomorrow morning.  If they have not made their entrance into the world on their own volition by then, I will be induced which is something I was hoping to avoid for a myriad of reasons, but it is what it is.  As long as the end result is two healthy girls, I'm cool with it.

That said, I've been doing what I can to coax them along.  I took an essential oil infused bath thinking water might entice our little fish out, but no dice.  I've eaten big meals, taken stairs two at a time, guzzled raspberry tea, chomped on pineapple, gotten pressure point massages, squatted to my hearts content, bounced on a birthing ball and tried just about everything else under the sun that is out there (except castor oil - not going there).  These girls ain't budging.  They're cozy in there.  It's cold out here.  The world is a pretty overwhelming place for newborns.  I get it.  

Yesterday I got acupuncture to help move things along.  It worked for Isla (who was ten days past forty weeks) and perhaps it will get her sisters moving.  One way or another, we're going to meet our angels - and it will be very soon.  It's so strange to go about my day today with the distinct knowledge that everything I am doing is for the last time as a mom of only one.  It's weird (and seems a little unnatural) to know precisely when your life is going to change drastically. We're excited.  Nervous.  Anxious.  And ready.  I think we are actually ready now. ready as you can ever be for twins, which kind of sounds like an oxymoron. 

We want to meet them and hold them and introduce them to their big sister.  We want to begin our life as a family of five.  Yikes.

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love and support, it's been almost overwhelming and very touching.  I never anticipated that my womb would be so watched, but according to our growing Facebook Page  - my womb is all the rage!  Definitely didn't see that one coming. 

Anyway, it's go time.  We'll catch you on the flip side friends.


christa said...

Good luck, even an induced birth can be just that, induced and then naturally the rest of the way. However they come out, they DO come out! Thinking of you and your family of three turning into five!

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Well, Brittany, hoping for the very best possible delivery for you and your two baby daughters, who have had plenty of bonding time . . . so much so that they are going to be inseparable!! But, you are right . . . it's time they came out and met the rest of the family . . . their very special Mommy and Daddy, and the most adorable and charming little (big) sister that they could possibly have!!! So, let's all "Welcome Baby A and Baby B into the world" . . . by sending them, and you, our love and prayers, and our warmest, and gentlest, hugs!!! We are definitely going to miss your ability to keep us all updated, Brittany, but hope you'll at least find time to let us know the names you've selected for the twins (and any other vital statistics that you feel like sharing) . . . Much love and wishes for a safe, and speedy, delivery for you and the girls!!! Hope someone takes pictures of Isla's beautiful face when she meet's YOUR two, precious, new "Dollies" for the first time!!! Wish we could be a fly on the wall for that, long-awaited, "introduction"!!! God bless you, Brittany!! <3 <3 <3

Chris on S/V Radio Waves said...

Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL picture! Just stunning!

Praying for a smooth and uneventful delivery and looking forward to getting a glimpse of the little ones as soon as you're ready to share!

Chris & Jim
s/v Radio Waves

jensathomewfiggy said...

Good luck! So exciting - you have so many people on "baby watch!" Can't wait for the baby (ies) update!

Anonymous said...

Its moments like this that give me hope that Twitter is not just a big waste of time with millions of narcissists posting what they had for lunch. We're hanging on every tweet out here, anxious to see these beautiful babies make their debut.

Lisa Hanneman said...

OK... This is perfect.

Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

So excited for you! I tried everything with my first pregnancy, but was finally induced at 10 days past due.
You're amazing for going this far with twins and I can't wait to virtually "meet" them. Good luck! <3

Lindsey Hodder said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I hope the birth goes as smoothly as your pregnancy, and I can't wait for you to meet your new girls.

Harmony (SV Serenity) said...

That picture. Wow, so incredibly beautiful. Here goes! Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your sailing blog cum pregnancy blog for many months now. As a former labor nurse, I am sooo impressed that these kids have nestled in for so many weeks. Best wishes tomorrow and looking forward to life with 5 updates.
s/v Moondance

Anonymous said...


I'm thinking you're going to do this whole twins childbirth thing as you do everything else.....with a lot of STYLE !

Rooting for you.

SV CarlyD

Unknown said...

Best of luck.
The girls are not silly they are waiting for warmer weather.

Take care and enjoy every moment for the next 18 years and then worry.

Cheers from sunny Queensland Australia

Bruce Ellen

Katie said...

I discovered your lovely blog this evening through the "Healthy Slice of Life" blog and I was immediately intrigued as we also were blessed with twin girls 5 months ago. Our little ones were born 5 weeks early and literally 2 days before their big sister turned 2. I remember having all those same feelings the night before my scheduled C-Section and feeling so afraid to leave our first born that next morning to head to the hospital. I think I just knew leaving at that moment our world as we knew it was never going to be the same. We had 2 wonderful years getting to know just her and loving every minute and I was so afraid how I was going to share all my love and attention with no one, but two more wee ones. I will say that here we are 5 months in and I am not going to lie it has not been easy, in fact there are some days I'm not sure how I am going to get through this first year, but I WOULDN'T change it for anything. Watch each of their personalities develop and watching Kherington interact with her growing sisters is simply amazing. Best of luck to you and your growing family and I know you don't know me at all, but if I can tell you anything about these first few months, it would be to give yourself a break, there are going to be many days that you are so overwhelmed by it all and that is ok and perfectly normal :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

adding to what Katie just said, if we don't see a blog entry for a while, that's perfectly okay., you've given us all so much of yourself already. This is your time. Take it and enjoy each moment. Know that we have you bookmarked and will be here when you come back here to share your new stories with us.

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