Monday, May 18, 2015

The Grandma's Are Here!

We are back at the Nanny Cay Marina, but this time - instead of diagnosing a generator on the fritz - we are here to greet visitors. Very special visitors. That's right, the grandmas are here. Not one, but two. Do you know what that means? That means the adult to child ratio has tipped in favor of the adults!! Boo yah! Somebody get me a pitcher of painkiller 'cause I'm taking the day off!

All joking aside, my mom and Scott's mom arrived together a couple days ago and it's wonderful to have them. Our girls clearly adore their grannies and the feeling is mutual. Loving your child is one thing but to see another person love your child just as much is a beautiful gift. Grandmas. What would parents do without them? We're very lucky to have these crazy, wonderful, loving women in our lives.

While many people assume that their arrival has Scott and I taking breaks and enjoying "babysitters" that's unfortunately not the case. While the presence of our mothers' is a humongous help, we still have quite the crew and keeping up with them - believe it or not - can easily occupy four adults all day long, not to mention the fact that the second we get "help" we turn immediately to boat projects. Luckily the grandma's have rented a condo just a hop, skip and jump from our boat, and having a large (air conditioned) space for our girls to run around in has been great (minus the steep tiled stairs, keeping the kids off of those is a full time job). Then there are the daily pool trips and afternoon beach outings and all the pre-and-post excursion rigamarole that goes along with those things (dressing, packing, snacking, undressing, hosing, re-dressing, unpacking...etc.) We fill our days to the brim and by nightfall, we kick back on the porch with our wine, the day a blur of getting kids in and out of swim suits, changing diapers, slathering sunscreen, schlepping children from boat to condo and visa versa, prepping and cleaning up after meals, wiping off dirt, kissing boo-boos and chasing babies to the tune of The Sabre Dance. It's fun, exhausting, slightly repetitive and a little bit thrilling. Thank god for nap times. Seriously. The babies and the grandmas need them by mid-day!

So if things are a bit quiet over here, it's for good reason. We're enjoying having our mama's here, and they are enjoying their grand babies. It's win/win all around. We've also been incredibly busy "behind the scenes" working on another very large (aka life-changing) project that we hope to be able to share with you soon - but for now, you'll just have to wait (insert smiley face with the tongue out).

In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be lounging poolside with a painkiller.

(Well, there will be a painkiller and there might be a pool, but there will be no lounging!)


Unknown said...

So awesome that both of the Grandma's came at the same time too!

Anonymous said...

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