Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Interview, A Collaboration and an Update

We recently did an interview with Zizoo boats (it only took me two - or was it three? months to complete). Earlier in the year they included us on their list of Top 10 Sailing Blogs (flattered!) and they asked us for a follow-up. If you are interested in how we got into cruising, what we love about this lifestyle and some of our favorite places to sail and why, check it out here.

My best friend and I also collaborated on a pictorial article for Bored Panda. It was so fun to go through pictures and select a few to represent this most recent chapter our life. If you are interested in reading that piece, check out, "Extreme Parenting: Raising Three Under Three...On a Sailboat in the Caribbean". It's a simple, brief summation of our journey thus far - littered with photos. Our good friends on s/v Necess wrote a similar - and very beautiful - piece showcasing the magic of kids on boats as well, check their article out here. Both our families are big advocates of the lifestyle.

Meanwhile, back on land things are good. Great, even. We celebrated Scott's birthday this last week with some of our very best friends, enjoyed quality family time with both my brother's (and respective families) in town, and - in general - have been enjoying all things landlubber: hot showers, large fridge/freezer combos, the use of a car, fast internet (yay! Pandora!), dishwashers, fast food, and play parks aplenty. It took a while for the girls to find their footing after our travel day from hell, but we're back on track, and enjoying being stateside for this brief hiatus.

There are many exciting professional and personal developments in the works that we hope to share with you soon (no, I am not pregnant), but all in good time.

We'll keep you posted!

Much love xo

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Emily said...

I am very excited for you to expand on your "permanent" plans that you hinted at in the zizoo interview!

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