Friday, July 24, 2015

Five Years

Five years ago today we said "I do" and set this whole journey into motion. It was an incredible weekend, and it marked the official beginning of our life together, although one could argue the twisty turvy path to this place started long before we ever met.

Two boats, three kids, fifteen countries and over 10K nautical miles later, here we are. It's not always been easy or pretty or perfect. Just like any married couple, we are learning as we go; sometimes soaring, sometimes stumbling. Our path is our own and one thing is for certain, it's been an endless adventure every step of the way. We are blessed beyond belief and I thank the Universe every single day for our girls, our life, our health, and everything in between. The good, the bad, the's all been...amazing. Quite the evolution.

I wouldn't change a thing.
“A life of adventure is ours for the taking, whether we're seven or seventy. Life for the most part is what me make it. We have been given a responsibility to live it fully, joyfully, completely, and richly, in whatever span of time God grants us on this earth.”  
- Luci Swindoll, I Married Adventure

Happy Anniversary Scott, cheers to us babe. xo


Unknown said...

Congratulations and may you both be blessed to have many more together!

Bujaren said...

Beautiful ! Amazing life!!! Love it

Unknown said...

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RED ARROW said...

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