Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Best Cruising Advice in Six Words

"Sail the wind you are in." If I had only six words in which to impart a nugget of advice on a new cruiser it would be these. Sail the wind you are in; literally and figuratively. I wish I did this more myself, because it's easier said than done, but (sigh) I am a work in progress and unfortunately tend to err on the side of stubborn. Nevertheless it's a good bit of wisdom to hold close and pass on. There are times in life when we have a choice: we can struggle and fight against whatever forces oppose us, or simply work with what we've got.  It's a valuable life lesson to heed on both land and sea, and one of the many I have learned in earnest whilst living on a boat.


Inspired by the recent New York Times contest calling for parenting advice in 'six words or less' which was, itself, inspired by the new book The Best Advice in Six Words: Writers Famous and Obscure on Love, Sex, Money, Friendship, Family, Work, and Much More- I wondered what the best cruising advice might be in six words? It began as a fun sort of challenge for myself, with me coming up with the unoriginal quote above. But then I thought, what six words would other's say? I turned to the 'hive mind' of my internet cruising tribe and asked. Turns out, there can be a hefty dose of wisdom in a few short words. Some of this advice is specifically related to boating, some is tongue in cheek, and some just for a laugh - but many of these succinct pointers offer condensed, gritty intelligence which can be applied to life in general, so landlubbers, no need to hit the 'back' button just yet.

Here are (six) words of wisdom from people who have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. Take it or leave it.

A special thank you to my fellow "Women who Sail" for chiming in and playing along with such creativity, humor and thoughtfulness. Enjoy!

Never sail on a (f*****g) schedule. - Melody of Mondo Vacilando
Keep the water out, people in. - Diane Partyka

You will never be the same. - Lisa Carswell Presnell
Don't let the naysayers squelch you. - Behan of Sailing Totem

Find your tribe and stay connected. - Caitlyn Harris
Time is our most valuable asset. - Dawn Brinker
Do no harm, take only pictures. - Jane Greico
Always make room for the wine.  - Melody of Mondo Vacilando

Don't wait another day, just GO! - LeeAnn Buse
Those hours of varnishing paid off.  - linda Gurth Hildreth

Throw the lines, don't look back. -Nellie Reynolds Symm-Gruender
Need to be where you are. - Susan Kohler Macdonald
Don't "plan" yourself out of cruising... - Shari Wynd

(Your) Life revolves around the weather! - Janel Seier

Get out and live life now! - Denise Rendazzo Allen of Get Out and Live Life
Pick a date and just go! -Stacy of s/v Smitty
Keep it simple, keep it safe. -Michelle of Simply Afloat

Go where the wind takes you. - -Monique of Drakes Paragon
Do not flush the toilet paper. - Jennifer E. Kroon
Get rid of all your stuff. - Kristin Miller of Happy Sailing

You'll make mistakes, it'll work out - Jessica Johnson of MJ Sailing
Go now, you'll never regret it! -Sherry McCampbell
Home is where the boat is. - Theresa of Pilot Discretion

Doesn't kill you? Makes you stronger. - Lauren of Seabiscuit

No calendar, no clock, clean bottom. - Cheryl McCormak Baker
Don't wait until it's too late. - Deb of The Retirement Project
Extensive boat work in exotic places! - Dani S. Mith of Latitude Adjustment

Step off the map, find adventure! -Monique of Drakes Paragon
Not what you think it is! - Allison Kelly Gabel
Plans in sand at low tide. -Stacey Hoopes

Shit happens. It's always an adventure. - Duwan Dunn of Make Like an Ape Man
Every latitude has a different attitude. - Keanna Coral Rink
Have fun, be safe, live life. - Vicki of Astrolabe Sailing
Uncharted territory never felt so good. - Kelly Hull

See you somewhere south of somewhere. - Alex of Sailing Banyan
Own your boat in your name. -Cyndy Carter

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. - Marla Hedman
Should have done it years ago... - Karen of Dreamtime Sail
Cruising is like living everywhere else! - Tammy of Things we did Today
Feeling puny under a starlit sky. - Linda Gurtz Hildreth

Keep the maintenance low as possible. - Eric of Rebel Heart
Well we haven't killed ourselves yet! - Robyn of Smart Moves Adventures

When in doubt, let it out! - Dave Pitcher

Being a little crazy isn't enough. - Byn of Oh Sail Yes
(You gotta) Go with the flow! - Hanneke Tiddens-Pot
Not all who wander are lost - Tracy from Plane to Sea

A bigger anchor promotes better sleep - Jan Saukko
Bring some chapstick and extra sunglasses. -Charlotte of Rebel Heart

Choose destination or date, not both. - Tasha from Turf to Surf
Be thankful to mother nature daily - Gwen from The Two Captains

Follow your plans, not other's plans - Behan of Sailing Totem
Take the good with the bad. - Ellen from The Cynical Sailor

Don't panic. Breathe. You've got this. - Kim Taylor

Watch for mangoes, Marley and mermaids! - Chris of Mangoes, Marley and Mermaids
Don't be afraid to make mistakes - Maria of Sailing Mareda
Prepare to gybe -- it always changes! - Pamela Benson-Lasnetske
Mast goes up, keel goes down - Linda Gurth Hildreth

An enlightening journey, not a vacation - Daria Blackwell

Be able to fix your toilet! - Beth Burlingame
Be prepared, but embrace the unexpected -Monique of Drakes Paragon

Take turns being the ship's captain. - Logan Hottle
Improve by time on the water. - Anna Black

Self-reliance saves time and money. - Anne of From Pine to Palm
Take the wind and sail away. - Lynne of Amarula Sail
Keep your eye on the weather! - Sally Pinches
A life well lived is glorious! - Behan of Sailing Totem

And at the end of the day just:
"sail the wind you are in" 

Those are my six words. 

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

Never trust a fart

Unknown said...

The weather is what it is.

Behan - SV Totem said...

LOVE IT! "Do not flush the toilet paper" for the win!

Anonymous said...

Go now! Do NOT look back!

byn always said...

You are awesome!

byn always said...

You are awesome!

Monique said...

Wow, I love seeing these all in one place...thank you so much for putting this together. "Uncharted territory never felt so good" and "Home is where the boat is" are two of my favourites. (✿◠‿◠)

s/v Paragon

Unknown said...

Hubs always says, "Keep the water on the outside". ;)

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Life begins outside your comfort zone.

S/V Gratitude said...

Name the time or place, not both.
It's always five o'clock someplace.

Unknown said...

Let your dreams set sail! said...

When in doubt let it out

Sarah Frank said...

If you go bear, go grizzly.

Sarah Frank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said...

Sail where the trees don't grow! One of my favorites.

Allison said...

Love this collection of advice!!

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