Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Why Are We Still Landlocked? Lessons in Patience. And Island Time.

(note: this is easier said than done!)
Some of you might be wondering why the heck we are still residing in a guest home in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago right now. "I thought they were going back to the boat in October?" you might be saying to one another. And you would be right. We were heading back to the boat in October. And it's now November. What gives?

While I can't disclose *all* the information as it pertains to operation "hiatus extendo" just yet, I can tell you that we are awaiting work permits for the British Virgin Islands (BVI's) and that the process has taken a little bit longer than anticipated. And, yes, we thought we accounted for "island time" in our planning. Turns out, our version of  "island time" appears to be on, well, "island time." Patience is a virtue...particularly if you want to live on a boat in the Caribbean.

"Why not just head back down to Tortola now?" you might say. And, boy, I wish it were that simple. We are chomping at the bit to get back to our boat but - alas - while work permits are in the processing stage, we are not allowed to be in the country. I'm not entirely sure why this is, but those are the rules and - well - we don't want to break any rules or tick off the wrong person while applying for employment, you know?

It's been stressful because there are a lot of people effected by our getting work permits and all of us are in a state of limbo which, as I have written before, is not a great place to be. However, in the grand scheme of things - as one friend so eloquently put it - this is a "fancy" problem to have, so we are keeping perspective and trying to keep a positive attitude while we do so. There is no real indication as to when, exactly, we will hear, but it could come any day and Scott is packed and ready to leave at a moment's notice.  The girls and I will follow shortly after, hopefully with my mom as the very necessary extra set of hands for the two flight saga. We are really hoping to hear good news soon as this next chapter of our lives is something we are very eager to start - and share with you.

So that is our story right now. I hope to have more news for you on this front, but until we get the 'thumbs up' - mum's the word.

Patience. (Sigh)


christel astin said...

Thanks for posting this. This photo has a given me a calming effect I need right now. Having a busier musical season this year, we all decided it best that I keep booking the gigs and keep plugging away with homeschool while Jarad, my captain and hubby sails south from NYC. This being my first year not sailing (flying???what's that?) this offshore passage, I am a nervous wreck, constantly checking the gribs, and waiting for Delorme checkpoints from him. He has two crewmates with him and one of them left keys to his Porsche that I can freely use...what a tease, if I could only leave my computer!!! He should be in Bermuda by Saturday. We hope to see you all sometime soon...!!!! Thank you for the (sigh) break. christel astin

Sarah Frank said...
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Sarah Frank said...

If you go bear, go grizzly.

(loved this post)

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