Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Thank you!

I would like to take a break from my usually scheduled programming (hectic stay-on-boat mom with little time to blog) and say THANK YOU. I am truly awed and humbled by the support you all have shown of our new business venture that we announced last week. From fellow bloggers sharing our post on their fan pages (thank you all SO MUCH, it has not gone unnoticed!), to family, friends and followers spreading the word on their personal pages - it's safe to say you all have given us, and our new business, a huge boost. My post got over 10K views by the evening and the Aristocat Charters Facebook Page went from 120 "likes" to over 900 in a single day! The inquiries and bookings are pouring in, so much so that it's hard to stay on top of them, but we'll get there and what a fantastic problem to have! And this is almost all thanks to YOU.

I have to be honest, I wasn't sure how you all would respond to our 'big news'. Sometimes people are resistant to change, new beginnings, and people shifting gears. You all have grown to know us a 'certain' way, and for us to morph into a new role, with a new story to tell could have been a hard pill to swallow for a certain type of person - but as you have always shown us before, you are truly the most wonderful, loyal, and supportive blog followers anyone could ever ask for and for that I thank you. I'm just...well...awed and grateful. You are a very powerful audience and you put your heart and strength in the right place.

So, thank you. Thank you a million times for following on this crazy journey of ours, for rolling with the punches and changing tacks with us when the wind shifts. From surprise babies to new businesses, you have stood by us every step of the way and I cannot tell you how much it means to me. THANK YOU.

Following dreams is awesome. Following dreams with the support of thousands the world over? Even more so. And fear not, the adventures will continue and now I have even MORE to write about (when I get the time that is!) so I'm definitely not hitting the pause button on blogging. Exciting things are on the horizon and there might just be a book in me yet (don't hold your breath though).

So much love to you all. Thank you, truly. 

Brittany, Scott, Isla, Haven, Mira - and the whole team at Aristocat Charters


Sarah Frank said...

Hear hear!! Congrats on everything! So exciting!!!

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