Grew up in 'burbs of Chicago as the oldest of three children. She graduated Cum Laude from Loyola University in 2002 with degrees in Theater, Sociology and Peace Studies which lead to her being a really good waitress for a couple of years there.  A gypsy at heart who can be aptly described as "passionate".  

She has been sailing for as long as she can remember and traveling almost as long. She lived in Tanzania, Africa for a 3 year stint and her travels have taken her as far east as Thailand, and as far South as Cape Horn, usually solo. She is the voice of Windtraveler and does all the blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and social media marketing so that others can find us! 

Activities: Reading, writing, running, sailing, skiiing, travel, biking, Bikram Yoga, triathlon, laughing so hard it hurts, being the first on the dance floor, being a mom.

Interests: Sailing around the world, humanitarianism, learning by doing, writing about it all, social media, wine, raising awesome daughters.

Fun Fact I learned when I Googled myself:  There is another Brittany with the same last name blogger out there who blogs about "Love Lectures" and "keeping the fire alive" in relationships.  It is considered by some browsers as being pornographic. This is NOT this Brittany.  Sorry to disappoint.
Grew up outside Detroit, MI as the second of three children. Has lived in Holland, MI, Park City, UT, Seattle, WA,  Santa Barbara, CA, and finally, Chicago, IL. Learned to sail on his family's Sunfish and 16 foot daysailer and after his Dad died when he was 16, he found his old copy of "Sailing for Beginners" and read it cover to cover. Scott has been teaching himself, and others, how to sail ever since.  He holds an engineering degree from Michigan State University.

He has sailed everywhere from Santa Barbara to Seattle, Park City and the Great Salt Lake to Maine and finally, Chicago.  With his sharp engineering mind, he's a whiz with his hands and can fix anything on a boat.  He is technically the "captain" of our crew, and carries a 200 ton USCG Captains License.

Activities: Sailing, skiing, mountain biking, road biking, running, yoga, swimming, golf, tennis, triathlon, kiteboarding, being a dad.

Interests: Real estate investing, building/taking apart/fixing things, anything outdoors, inventing things, finding solutions, sailing, keeping sane while raising awesome daughters.

Fun Fact I learned when I Googled myself: There is another Scott sharing the same last name who is a prolific Software Development Consultant.  He's written 3 books and seems to be really smart.  He has a significantly larger web presence than this Scott.

Affectionately known as "sea monkey" in utero, our little island girl (her name means "island") made her debut 10 days late (on "island time", of course) in 2012, the incredibly rare and auspicious year of the "water dragon" according to the Chinese Zodiac.  She is an incredibly loving, happy child and chock full of personality.  If you are into Astrology, this child is a quintessential Aries.

She has a gentle, blithe soul and is very sweet, curious and energetic.  In her momma's tummy she swam with sea turtles, snorkeled tropical reefs, sailed through some  gnarly squalls, visited five countries, hiked to waterfalls, and gotten her fair share of vitamin D.  She moved onto the boat when she was just over five months old and has sailed over 5000 nautical miles.  She is an absolute joy and totally fearless.  A pretty rad combination.  Her smile lights up a room.  Literally.

Activities:  Singing, running, jumping, dancing, books, talking, cuddling, snuggling, laughing and loving.

Interests:  Airplanes, her twin baby dolls, running, climbing, making people laugh, independence, being a kick-ass big sister.

Fun Fact When I Googled Myself:  Isla is a one of a kind sort of baby so all that comes up when she's Googled is stuff on this website about her.  However, a fun factoid is that the very day before our Isla was born, a British prince had a baby girl and named her Isla as well.  As such, the name now enjoys immense popularity across the pond but still remains rare stateside, though it is gaining in popularity despite our attempts to be "unique".

In March 2014 we added two more "island girls" to our crew.  Haven Jane and Mira Ann are our fraternal twins and were the biggest surprise of our lives.  Like their big sister, they spent almost their entire time in utero in the Caribbean on a boat, island hopping and living it up like the little fish they were affectionately known as.  Their names reflect their story, meaning "safe place/sea port" and "ocean", respectively.  With our three girls we now have our island, our ocean and our safe harbor.  Three essential elements of happy sailing and cruising.

While these two are twins, they are night and day.  Haven is our spitfire and squeaky wheel; she is feisty and alert, eager to observe the strange new world around her.  If I were to compare her to an animal it would be a baby bird in the nest.  Mira is gentle and calm, very chill and happy to kick back and relax.  Her animal would be a sleepy little puppy.  They are totally adorable and both girls have stolen our hearts like their big sister before them.  We're stoked to have twins.

Activities:  Sleeping, eating and pooping.  Not necessarily in that order.

Interests:  Neck control and learning to focus their eyes.  They'll move onto bigger things once they can see clearly and hold up their heads.

Fun Fact When We Googled Ourselves:  There's not too much out there, but here are some Fun Facts about Fraternal Twins.

Their story began in July of 2007 when they met, briefly, on Mackinac Island after the Chicago to Mac Race. Both had raced up to the island independently on different racing sailboats and when Brittany arrived, she and Scott met briefly in a bar, and while they both made impressions on each other, the timing just wasn't right.

Fast forward to a couple of months later and another distance boat race. Brittany and Scott meet again. This time, the timing is right. They started talking on a bench (recalling each other from the Mac Race) Scott was pooped on by a bird (a sign of good luck!) - and well, here they are.   They had a LOT in common.  Namely the fact that both of them have been talking about sailing around the world for a long time.  So they got married in July of 2010 and set sail shortly after.

This is their story...

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