We have had several sites and news sources take interest in our story. Here are links to most of them. If you are interested in a story or interviewing us, please feel free to email a request to windtraveler09 (at) Enjoy!

Note: Some of these stories were simply created based on our website content by people I never personally spoke to. As such, some have inconsistencies and small errors (i.e. they use the term "sailing around the world" which we are clearly not doing) and many of them (such as the Mpora Piece and Humans at Sea piece are exactly the same).

Online Interviews and Stories:
                   Sailing Magazine:
                   Cruising with Kids (interview)

Bored Panda:
Extreme Parenting: Raising Three Toddlers on a Sailboat in the Caribbean

Daily Mail:
Parents of the Caribbean

Goodie Goodie Gumdrop:
Inside a Traveler's Walls (Interview)

Adventure Loving Parents Sail the World While Raising Three Toddlers

Mpora Magazine: 
This Adventurous Couple are Raising Three Kids on a Boat in the Caribbean

Raising three Toddlers including Twins on a Sailboat in the Caribbean

Women and Cruising: 
Sailing Families: 12 Questions with the Asante Family

Humans at Sea: 
Adventurous American Couple Raising Three Kids on a Boat in the Caribbean!

Beach and Yacht:
Mother Shares Amazing Experience of Raising Three Daughters on a Sailboat

In Print:

The Chicago Tribune:
Sailboat Family: Raising Three Kids under Three with an Ocean for a Backyard
*This article was reprinted and syndicated in papers all across the country.

China Boating Magazine:
Eight Page Spread: Windtraveler (this link is to my interview as the magazine is in Chinese)


                                 The online article mentioned above was also in                                   print.  I transcribed our full interview here.                                       "Cruising with Kids"

     "Family Living Aboard" - June 2016,
      Issue #1314. Short interview about our                 lifestyle

COMING SOON! Out August 2016!


Distant Shores Clip
Cruising with Kids: Living Aboard with Three Under Three

One Amazing (You Tube Channel):
Extreme Parenting: Raising Three Kids on a Boat in the Caribbean (a picture montage)


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