And I'm not talking about your furry four legged friend...Nope.  I'm talking about the one that refers to a cruiser's treasure chest, pocket book, or budget, if you will.  I'm talking about money.  Meow.

By far the most common questions we get relate to money; how much is necessary to live our lifestyle, how we fund our lifestyle and everything in between.  The cliche answer to "how much will it cost" is "whatever you have" and we have, more or less, found that to be true.  But this canned response does't really satisfy people.  So while I won't be posting any monthly budgets or our spending habits here (plenty of other blogs do that though - see below).  Instead, I have consolidated all the posts I have on the subject of cruising and money, ideas and tips for earning while cruising, as well as links to other resources you might find helpful.  There's a lot of good information out there at your fingertips!

By far the most comprehensive database of cruising costs (hard numbers reported by cruisers) has been wonderfully compiled by Livia of s/v Estrelitta.  If you want links to actual spreadsheets of expenditures from a whole slew of real-life cruisers out there doing it - check out her post on The Cost Of Cruising.

Our friends, Paul and Sheryl Shard of Distant Shores, also wrote a great and comprehensive article on the subject you might find useful: Calculating the Cost of Cruising.

Behan, friend and fellow boat mama of s/v Totem wrote this great article on Cruising Costs and Routine Maintenance which you might find helpful.

Though I have not read either of these, I have been told The Cost Conscious Cruiser and The Self Sufficient Sailor both by Lin and Larry Pardey are excellent resources for cruising on a budget and how to make the most of your cruising kitty.

And, of course, you can always hit up Google with "the cost of cruising" and you'll come up with a bunch of other posts on the subject.  In addition to that, doing a more specific search on "cost of cruising" on Cruisers Forum or Sailnet or both will also yeild you plenty of reading by fellow boaters on the subject.

I hope you find this helpful and if you have anything to add,  feel free to leave it in the comments!


Jessica said...

I know ours isn't always completely up to date (2013 was kind of a bust, still trying to go back to work on it), but if anyone is interested in our Cost of Cruising page, they can find it at

tedloveslisa said...

Print too small SO cannot read: "how to Quit your Job & Live on a Boat"

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