Thursday, October 16, 2008

So much to do!! prepping for "the dream" (as it has come to be known) Scott and I are constantly reminded of the HUMONGOUS list of things we have to do to prepare for this steal the very simplified version of "what to do" from our friends (okay, they are not really our friends, but they would be if we were in the same city!) Alicia and Mike of the yacht Sarabande; in our own words:
    1) Save Money (In Progress) 2) Buy a boat before summer '09 (DONE!!! WHA HEY!!!)  3) Sell our stuff and move onto said boat for said summer of '09 (We are now planning on moving onto the boat summer of 2010 - IF we get issued a slip by Chicago Harbors) 4) Save more money, fix up said boat (In PROGRESS) 5) Learn all the nautical things we do not know, such as celestial navigation...etc. (Does buying a sextant count?) 6) Learn how to maintain/repair/jerry-rig all electronics, motors, and equipment on boat (as the rest of the world is not as convenient as America) -SLOWLY BUT SURELY! 7) Learn the basics (and probably not so basics) of first aid 8) Save money - get PADI certified (DONE) 9) Learn how to cook with raw materials, meaning - simple foods from scratch (In PROGRESS) 10) Get the heck outta dodge! (ETD: September 2010!!)
Simple, right? Sigh...we'll get there!



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